Monday, September 23, 2013

It shouldn't be. But it is...NINE YEARS!

Today is a big day for me!
A day that according to my surgeons and doctors should never have been celebrated.

In 2004, I underwent extensive GI surgery hoping to eliminate the chronic pain I'd been dealing with related to Crohn's disease.  At best, I was told, I might get 3-5 years of pain free living and even then I'd likely need medication to manage it.

It seems to me today that maybe they forgot to factor in HOPE.  They knew what they knew- but not what HE knew.  And boy HOWDY did He show them.

Because after:
One hike to the bottom of the grand canyon

Lots of half marathons (three while pregnant)

Four babies (three completely without medication).

And a ton of other fun...

I can officially say:

9.  Nueve.  Neun.   Neuf.  Novem.  Nove.  Nau. NINE YEARS!!  
Pain free.  And not just that, but medication free as well.

Don't be confused by this list of my accomplishments over the last nine years.  Join me in recognizing that there is not a single ounce of any of that I could have done.  Oh, sure- saying "it shouldn't be" was great motivation for me to try (it is so strange that my kids have a stubborn streak).  But when I see this list, stare into those sweet faces, remember how far we've come...welp, I'm simply overwhelmed.  Overwhelmed with praise for the ONE who provides beyond what we can ask or imagine.  The One who grinned at the thought of "maybe 3-5 years" and delighted in providing so much more.  

And don't be confused.  If today was different.  If there comes a day when it IS different.  Whether there are 9 more years, 3 more days, or a lifetime of living without pain- I'll still declare HIM mighty to heal.  I'll still shout out "HE is mighty to save".  I'll still remember that He is doing more than we can ever imagine.  Don't get me wrong- it won't be easy.  There are other areas of my life that have certainly proven that hope doesn't mean "what I want, when I want it".  Other "miracles" I've HOPED for have tested my willingness to believe.  But isn't it always true that the best things are worth fighting for, and lots of times you WILL have to fight for them.

I'll fight for Hope every.single.time.  I will chose to believe in miracles.
It just so happens that today it is easy.  Today is a day to celebrate.

It shouldn't be.  But it is.
And that's simply miraculous.



Allison said...

PRAISE HIM!!!! I'll join you in that celebration. I am so glad for you. For us it's been 7 years of dealing with Justin's UC. There has been no healing, but he is mighty to save & the great healer. I hope too one day to be able to write a post about my husband's healing, but until then I'll wait and praise HIM for victory in you! :)

Grrradke said...

Our God is so good. I'm praying His healing sticks for YOUR lifetime. We love you!