Thursday, October 24, 2013

A bargain of a photo shoot

 If a picture is worth a thousand words

and I only paid/bribed 40 cents for these

I'd say I got quite the bargain!

These matching-but-not-twin brothers had "Superhero Day" at school today.  When they came downstairs in their matching costumes, I swooned.  (Thanks, Uncle Dan and Aunt Diana).  I mean, seriously, how cute are they?  So, I said "Boys, I know you wouldn't want to leave for school without letting me take pictures of your awesome capes, right? And good news, we'll have just enough time".  Shockingly, this idea was met with much groaning.  And then, in a lightbulb moment from Cbug, "Mom, I really like treats."  Sure, bud, I can play that game.  "I won't give you a treat, but I will give you each a penny."  They must be growing up because they laughed at my offer and raised it to a dime.  You got it!  Then it was cold outside so they each got twenty cents.  Riches, I tell ya.  I love these two!

And my superheros would like to remind you that the 5th annual Teen Lifeline 5K is only a couple of days a way.  Please consider supporting our team this weekend as we work together to make a difference.  Any amount truly does help- who knows, maybe together we'll be real life crime fighters!  


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