Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Halloween Collision = Favorite Photos

Halloween always causes a collision for me.  The ihatetospendmoney part of me collides with the ihatetomissaparty part.  And my poor children are the downstream result of that collision.  We dress up, but they mostly just get to pick from what we have in the existing dress-up collection.  We don't buy much candy, but tend to come home from trunk-or-treats or whatever festival we attended with a bucket load of chocolate.  Our costumes are generally thought through approximately 36 hours before hand (generous estimate), but always have a calculated (loose) theme.

On second thought- that collision sounds more like sweet harmony to me.

 As a result, I always LOVE the pictures from Halloween. 
They aren't stressful.  Just adorable.
Seriously, these costumes photos are all some of my very favorite pictures of my munchkins.

This year was no exception.  I did actually have this idea a few weeks before Halloween, but when the boys decided to be batman and a pirate for the school book parade and Lou declared her only option to be "a princess", I all but gave up on it.  I decided I'd just dress my one child too little to voice his opinion and move on.  But THE DAY of Halloween- the boys decided they really did want to be these characters for the evening festivities and Lou decided that she would carry the football (while dressed as a wedding princess).  And by golly it worked.
May I present...

My very own Peanuts Gang
Maybe only second to last year, these costumes fit their personalities SO INCREDIBLY WELL.  
side note: only money spent= C's hat (which we'll actually wear) and $1 worth of felt.
Lucy (on her wedding day), Charlie Brown (who loved saying "Oh, GOOD GRIEF" - completely unprompted), Linus (of course with his beloved blanket), and Snoopy (who quite literally howled when we tried to pry his Sonic grilled cheese away.  Pictured here protecting his sandwich with all his sweet little might).

And for fun, heres a little walk back through the last few years...

A princess protected by her knight in shining armor
and swooned by her country music artist.

Buzz, Woody, and toy destroyer from Sunny Side Day Care.

Sleeping Beauty- Aurora, Prince Philip, and the Dragon

A house divided

Yep, pretty much my favorites!  
Can't wait to see what the next couple of months of other all-time-favorite traditions hold in store for us!

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