Thursday, February 26, 2009

Picture updates

I feel like it is probably time for a new post when every time I click over to my own blog (which is rare), I feel hungry (which is frequent).

so...I actually did two posts. Because my kids are much more endearing than talking about my cooking/eating habits! Read yesterday's post with some random updates on the kiddos. AND here are some pictures of the cutest boys I know (I'm allowed to say that on my own blog, right?)

Cbug is quickly catching up with his "big brother" in size...and in his own mind, he's pretty strong, too! Now as for walking, that is another story. Don't get me started on the dramatic act this boy puts on when you try to get him to take a step on his own.

For Christmas, KJ got a new bathroom stool. His hands are now OFFICIALLY clean ALL OF THE TIME. When we are at home, he washes his hands no less than 15 hour. No wonder he hasn't gotten sick yet (knock on wood).

Cbug is WAY more of a climber than KJ ever was (yet refuses to walk). Here he has climbed up onto a chair and on top of a table then reached across to grab one of the pretty pottery pieces we got as a wedding a matter of 12 seconds. This beautiful (and quite sentimental) scripture pottery has been sitting on this window sill since we moved into the house (pre-kiddos) and the location was NEVER an issue with KJ. May need a new child-proofing methodology with Cbug.

There is nothing better than wrestling right before bedtime... unless, of course, wrestling right before bedtime also includes a cardboard box. This box (excuse me, I mean boat) was LOADS of fun, especially when it tipped over (and over and over and over).

There is never a dull moment at our house. I sure hope our sweet baby girl is ready for the fun her brothers are sure to provide for her!


Chad and Jennifer said...

KJ is a man after my own heart. I honestly don't know how I still have skin on my hands after all the washing I do. I'm a germ-a-phobe. Insert baby...we'll see what happens...

Merritt said...

look at how hard c-bug is laughing in that cardboard box pic! makes me laugh too! love you.