Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Randoms to remember

Cbug had his 1 year check up a couple of weeks ago (a month late) and is doing GREAT. The doctor was so good to answer questions I have about C's development- nothing major AT ALL, just mom questions (mostly about how much FOOD he requires, the fact that his thumb is getting sores on it where he sucks on it and the fact that he still isn't walking). We all agreed, though, Cbug is doing great. Despite eating like a teenager, he is in the 50th percentile for height and weight so he's obviously not being OVER fed. He'll walk when he's ready. And he won't go to college with sores on his thumb from sucking it (hopefully not even elementary school). He laughed and entertained everyone at the doctor's office and we were so glad that blue bear was there to come to the rescue after shots! Love the blue not love that the only replacement I've been able to find on ebay was $30 (seriously, for a stuffed bear?).

KJ is definitely getting closer to 3 than 2. He is totally into rationalizing things and can argue with the best of 'em. Our favorite/least favorite KJ phrase is "well, i was JUST...." 100 times a day. He also has a very tender heart. He does not like for anyone to be sad or be left out. He can be seen comforting friends in tears in bible class or asking strangers at the playground to play. This morning he was drawing a picture at the table. I asked him who he would like to give it to. He said "Um, I think the lady that doesn't have any paper". Over the last couple of months we've given gloves to people that didn't have any and toys to kids that didn't have any. I guess that was on his mind. I asked where the lady that didn't have any paper was and he said "At church". Ummm, ok (I hid the paper).

OH, and random note... KJ calls our GPS the "nice lady". WE are not sure how this started, but is presumably because of her nice accent and fact that we frequently call the stranger at the grocery store or in the mall "the nice lady"...I guess in his mind, GPS lady is a stranger and seems friendly enough. We usually play this game with him where we say "which way should we turn now" and he says right or left. But after we got the GPS for Christmas he now will occasionally, instead of answering, say "maybe you should ask the nice lady". Thanks for that reminder, KJ.

We got to see Baby Sister via sonogram again at our last appointment. She looks very healthy and was, once again, curled in an angelic little ball as comfy as could be. WAY different than sonograms with the boys where you had to catch 'em quick to get a picture. Here's hoping this will say something about her laid-back personality. Haha. She does have a name and I'm so thankful that she will not be named in the delivery room like Cbug. Its not really fair, though, because I've basically been working on a girl name since about 2005 (when we found out we were pregnant the first time). Like the boys, I'll not be posting her real name here. Ask me about it, though. I LOVE it!! KJ and Cbug's "blog names" just sort of seemed easy, but baby sister's hasn't quite come to me yet. Any suggestions?

That's it for randomness. Pictures following shortly.



Jim said...
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Jim said...

I suggest LL, L2, or perhaps EL (or Elle?) if you want to be formal. Of course if you use Nonna's current pet name for Baby, it would work out to "L3"....
That may be the best anyway--Symbolic of whimsical initials AND Rank.