Sunday, March 1, 2009

God be in ME!

Before KJ was born, I read an article in one of those "free from the doctor's office" magazines that actually had a profound impact on the way that I parent. It talked about being ok, as a mom, with letting there be a "Daddy way" and a "Mommy way". It reminded moms that many times dads feel pushed out of a key parenting role because their way of doing things. In other words, if Daddy is willing to help with bed time, maybe it is ok if Daddy wrestles right before bed time even if Mommy might have chosen to sit quietly and read stories. Or maybe it means that if Daddy is willing to give the kids baths you bite your tongue when he puts a little more water in the tub than Mommy might have. I'm so thankful that this lesson came across my path BEFORE we had children and that I, for some reason, actually payed attention. I totally could have been that nagging spouse in the area of parenting that wants everything done the way I think best. RRL is an amazing Daddy and because I sometimes actually step back and watch him parent, I've not only learned that it is ok for him to do things differently...sometimes, I've actually learned that maybe (JUST MAYBE) he had a better way to do it than I did. He's taught our boys lots of things, and I've learned a lot about him, too.

One of my favorite things that he taught KJ, is a little prayer that RRL learned at a youth conference. KJ does it every night and is now teaching it to Cbug. I thought some of you might like to teach it to your kids, too, so my lovely assistant (I mean, handsome) agreed to pose for a few demonstrative photos.

The prayers says...

"God be in my mind, and in my thinking"
(while pointing to your head)

"God be in my eyes, and in my seeing"
(while covering your eyes)

"God be in my ears, and in my hearing"
(while covering your ears)

"God be in my mouth, and in my speaking"
(while covering your mouth)

"God be in my life, and in my living"
(while pointing to your suspender straps)

"God be in my heart, and in my loving"
(while crossing your heart...or giving yourself a love squeeze!) AMEN!

Its such a simple, yet profound little prayer and I'm so thankful RRL brought it into our bedtime routine. Let me know if you try it at your house! (Oh, and try the give your husband a break thing, too...and hold me accountable to that while you are at it, ok?)


Bethany said...

i just teared up reading this. kj is so precious, and you guys are precious parents. love you all!

Kaylane said...

I shall try that one tonight....I finally have Ella trained to hold her hands together and bow her head! Although, this prayer might get her all worked up before bedtime because it sounds like fun!!

Love you!

Chad and Jennifer said...

That's so sweet...and I really appreciate the parenting advice. I can totally see myself doing that to my wonderful husband, because my way MUST be better. I will try to be aware now so I can avoid it.

Sweets said...
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Sweets said...

There's such WISDOM in this post! Love the prayer and God's little man showing us the way!

Lewis News said...

I am really excited I ran accross this at the conference. It has been great watching KJ learn and teach the prayer. It has also been good for me to pray it with him each night.
I also need to say how much I appreciate having the freedom to do things my way (except for dressing the boys). It makes such a difference knowing that A trusts me enough to accomplish the task, even if I get there a different way than she does.
Any wives reading this, know how much it would mean to your husband. Any husbands reading this, just appreciate the areas your wife is willing to let you do it your way.

Love you babe!

Courtney said...

Love that prayer! And great advice!