Wednesday, March 11, 2009


The same only bigger...

...our family is growing and so is our ride!

Sweet baby sister is so high maintenance that she required a new vehicle (before she even arrived)! Not that I mind...owning a minivan is a dream come true for me. As excited as I was, though, to bring home the new wheels, there may or may not have been a few tears shed over leaving the Camry behind. I've had the car long enough that we pulled these out from under the seat before we left the car at the dealership.The Camry was the first car I purchased on my own, the car that I loaded up to move to Texas, the car I drove to work at my very first "real job", the first car I put Texas license plates on and the car that we washed in our wedding attire. While it is silly to "love" an inanimate object, I sure do love all of the memories that were packed in that little vehicle. So, it won't come as a surprise to you that I made the car salesperson pose for the below pictures.
Goodbye, Camry! You were an amazing car. (Even the salesperson could sense my mixed-emotions and put his arm around me as I handed over the Camry funny is that!)

Hello, Sienna, and the memories still to be made. KJ for one already thinks this car is the coolest thing ever and just likes to go for ride in it. A child after my own heart!

So, we're moving on to bigger and better things around here. Anybody need the Annie soundtrack on cassette tape?



Chesley said...

Funny, we did the same thing last week. Drove to Austin to pick up the new car. I am glad the new car has a bumper that makes noise when I back up because it's bigger and scarier for me to drive.
These baby #3's are already expensive! :)

Chad and Jennifer said...

You had cassette tapes in there? Wow! I was sad to see my truck go, as well. We sold it before we left Texas since it wasn't 4 wheel drive. Actually, Chad & I both had trucks, so it was a hard transition to go from 2 to none. We went ahead and made a family purchase, too, even though it was just the 2 of us...we hopes of more,though...that came true. :)

Elisa said...

Love that Annie soundtrack! :) I'm a little late, but happy birthday to R, too.

Aimee said...

Yay! I am so excited for you guys, I can't wait until we get one:)