Thursday, December 10, 2009

A few words that say a lot

Cbug is a man of few words. But the words he knows/uses sure can express a lot. I love to hear him talk right now. So fun! Here are a few of my favorite things he says...

-"Lub you". Cbug loves to be loved on. At bed time he snuggles and kisses and says lub you about 100 times. I love when he sticks his pudgy hand to my lips for kisses over and over as he falls asleep.

-He knows all of his family members names. I love to hear him say his siblings names. As soon as Lou makes the tiniest noise, he runs across the house to her room yelling her name.

-He can count to 10 in English and 5 in Spanish (thanks to a bilingual babysitter and a brother who LOVES Dora and Diego). After he counts he sometimes congratulates himself with "That's right" or "Great job" That's a middle child, for ya. Has to praise himself.

-His favorite phrase right now is "See dat!!!!" (the exlamation points only begin to tell the emphasis this phrase ALWAYS comes with. After doing just about any trick that he thinks is amazing he wants to make sure everyone saw.

-I LOVE LOVE LOVE when he says "bless you". If anyone makes a sound that remotely sounds like a sneeze, Cbug is the first one to say bless you.

-He's got the manners thing down...especially when he thinks it will get him what he wants. He says please, thank you, welcome, excuse me and sorry.

- I love when he says his food is "Tasty"

-Of course he knows how to say his favorite things...blanket, bear, Queen (Lightning McQueen), Mack, puzzle, story, Thomas and his all-time favorite MATER!

His one/two word sentences combined with facial expressions that communicate ALL of his feelings certainly keep us informed and enetertained these days.

Sure love that Cbug~

3 comments: said...

I love that Cbug, too! Cute picture!

Cindi Schrimsher said...

He cannot outshine KJ! (or can he? - question with eyebrows raised!). Love your children - all of them!

Chad, Jennifer, and Hudson said...

That is too precious! I can't wait for the first word...and many to come after that. :) I love that Queen is one of his few words. There is a lot of cheap Cars stuff at wal-mart, so we have a few things. So cute!