Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Three going on Thirty

Updated. Why would you create a new post when you can just add to an existing one?
KJ, our three-year-old definitely keeps us on our toes right now.
I have said that when he was two, I pretty much thought
I could write a book about parenting because he was so easy.
Then he turned three.
and the Lord humbled me!

He thinks he is about 30 years old and talks like he is an adult.
I hadn't done an update lately on the funny things he says
so here are a few of my favorites...

1) He says "totally" all the time. For example, on the way home we were looking for Christmas lights. KJ shouted "Oh there are some really cool ones. You guys TOTALLY missed them"

2) He is doing SO much better when it come to potty training. However, he thinks he needs to go every time we stop the car (and a few times in between). This was the reason for our LONG roadtrip a few weeks ago and also the reason why I had to take him into the gas station recently when we stopped for gas. On the way out of the gas station as we passed the aisles of junk food he proclaimed "Mom, they have LOTS of great stuff to eat at this place". Oh, what a little man he is.

3) I pick up KJ before the other children on the days I work. I love this time in the car with him because I get to hear about his day at school. Usually. On one day when he wasn't feeling much like talking he said "Mom, could you just choose one more question. Then maybe you can ask me some more when we get home". I explained that I ask questions because I'm the mom and I love to hear about the things he is learning. To which he responded "Oh good grief". Sorry, buddy...I'm always going to ask you questions... for the rest of your life.
Oh the things they will say.
4) KJ has been pretty sick this week. He's had fevers up to 104. But he has not lost his sense of humor. This morning the first thing he asked me was if I could set up his blow-up pool for him in the backyard. It snowed yesterday. Its 40 degrees today. No.
5) Also, today was KJ's turn to take snacks to share with his class but because he was sick I had to take them to school for him. Upon arrival and discussion with KJ's teacher, I learned that he has been playing us all. At home, he's been reciting his line for the Christmas show without a hitch. Knows it backwards and forwards. I don't want to brag, but I'd say it is a pretty critical line as far as Christmas shows go. "The baby Jesus was sleeping in a manger" Can't tell the Christmas story with that, right? So, he was supposed to say it at school and have it videoed. I thought they recorded it a long time ago. Apparently they tried. At school, however, he was looking at them like he had no idea what they were talking about at each mention of Christmas Show line. They thought I had forgotten to teach it to him. So, fever and all, I had to bundle him up take him up to school so he could say the line he knew all along with rosy cheeks and a raspy voice....and maybe I bribed him with a happy meal...and maybe candy. Maybe. Guess he wins this round.


PS- Big shout out to Cindi, Cassidy and Monica for the fun pictures they took for our Christmas card. This is one of the ones of KJ that they got- totally capturing his personality. More pictures from that mini photo shoot coming soon.

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Chad, Jennifer, and Hudson said...

#3 cracks me up! What a personality!