Monday, February 15, 2010

MMM: Froot Loop Fun

On a cold Monday in February, when I woke up realizing that I had absolutely no IDEA what our plan for the day would be, I went to the pantry and found the key...


Luckily, the kids had made froot loop necklaces in bible class a week or so before this, so the idea was fresh on my mind.  This activity was so much fun, educational, and required zero prep with very little clean-up.  My kind of MMM!

First we counted them
Then we sorted them. 

side note: I had to help Cbug a little bit with this by choosing one color at a time and having him match it, but after a while he got the hang of it.  Some colors he could do better than others.  I secretly wonder (well, not so secretly anymore) if he is color blind.  The kid can recognize any number or letter (looked at the box of froot loops and said "F-R-O-O-T=L-O-O-P-S"), but doesn't recognize colors.  I'm leaning toward the fact that he doesn't find this information useful so just doesn't care (because that would totally fit his personality),
but still....
I do wonder.
Of course, when you are sorting and counting froot loops you work up quite an appetite. 
There were definitely snack breaks along the way!
Cbug was DONE after his snack so did not stick around for the last activity...
Froot loop necklace art.
But KJ LOVED it!  I tried to get him to do a specific pattern.  HA.  His creative geniusness was not really up for suggestions.

What a ham!

Another fun Monday
(I mean, there was sugar could you go wrong)!

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