Monday, February 8, 2010

MMM: Making Valentines

Makover My Monday was so much fun this week.  Mostly because I was determined to not have too much of an agenda for the finished product.  Mommy is slowly learning how to have reasonable expectations!  I knew I wanted the boys to make valentines for several people, but I also knew that their attention span would not put up with doing multiple projects.  So, I decided to make one huge valentine and the cut it into smaller ones...and here's the kicker, they didn't even KNOW we were making valentines.  As far as they knew, we were just making a MESS (a favorite passtime of theirs) with pink, red and white paint.  AWESOME!

Here are the angels with their blank canvas
(I could turn that into all kinds of parenting metaphors,
but I will stay on task... you are welcome)

and for the "warm up" we added a few brush strokes

Then I brought out the big guns. 
When we were at Aimee's on Friday, she introduced us to the BRILLIANT
idea of driving cars through paint.  SO FUN!  This alone kept Cbug,
whose painting time span is usually about 26 seconds, occupied for about 15 minutes
today (which doesn't sound long unless you've been around a 2-year-old recently).
The boys especially loved "crashing" their cars through the paint.

But that wasn't the only painting trick we tried.

I also let them use the potato mashers. SO FUN!

Especially the one that made a shape like a snake -->
And before long, they were driving the cars through the potato mashers
(see KJ doing the same thing in the background...this part was definitely THEIR idea)
And when we finished all of our painting *I mean mess-making* this is what we had...

Until I turned it
into these...

What a fun mess-making-monday!
Can't wait to mail/deliver them!


Bethany said...

so much fun! what a creative mommy you are :)

Merritt said...

You are the coolest mommy EVER! I love you!

Kelly Litton said...

SOOOO SMART!!! (and super fun too!)

Kendra said...

You get the creative award!!!! I'll be doing good if I can get to the store to buy good ol' meaningless premade ones to do for 3 school parties tomorrow!! Wow! Remind me to stick a jewel in your mommy crown next time I see earned it!!