Monday, May 17, 2010


I can't believe we are already on the countdown to Princess Lou's first birthday.
At eleven-months-old, she is just an absolute joy.

She still loves to smile for the camera!

She can stand up all by herself...and definitely has a flare for the dramatic.
(check out those two top teeth. I'm thinking these were definitely the reason for the bluebonnet tears)

Lou really REALLY wants to walk. Her desire is slightly ahead of her balance, though. In the meantime, she loves pushing her brothers' tractor around. I think it is hilarious to see her girliness bobbing behind John Deere. Its also funny the noises that she makes while pushing the tractor...shew, it is hard work. Enjoy this snippet.


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Chad, Jennifer, and Hudson said...

That is cute, but the FUNNIEST part is that the boys don't even SEE her for whatever is on tv. They don't even blink an eye. :) Boys!!!