Monday, May 17, 2010

MMM: catch-up

At the beginning of my plan to "makeover my Monday" I'll admit to being a little over-zealous.  In theory, the concept was genius, but the pressure I put on myself to come up with a plan almost outweighed the benefits.  Now, I think I've come to a really good middle ground.  I try to find intentional time on Mondays to spend with the boys while Lou is napping and we try to do something that we wouldn't normally do otherwise.  But I don't stress out if that is just going to a friends house or watching the trash truck (still a Monday favorite around here).  I think it has made the whole thing better for everyone.

So, even though it has evolved over time, MMM is still alive and well.  I just haven't been blogging about it.  Until NOW.

I just did a bunch of catch-up posts this week, but I back dated them to the Monday on which they actually took place.  So, if you are interested, or looking for ideas, here are the links:

Froot Loop Fun (and is Cbug colorblind?)

Daddy's birthday surprise (Dr Pepper no-bake cookies)

Backyard Obstacle Course

Going away party for LC and a mini-scrap book

Flower pot painting and planting flowers

And happy Monday!

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