Thursday, May 27, 2010

It's a's a plane...

...It's a four-year-old!!

And learning new "super powers" every day!

Happy Birthday, Super KJ!  Every day you make me more proud to be your Mommy.  You granted me the title of "mom" four years ago today and at the time I thought I couldn't love you any more than I did the first moment I saw you.  Boy was I wrong.  I loved you in that instant just because you were mine.  Now I love you because you are mine AND because of the amazing little boy you are becoming.  I love that you are so concerned about others and can often be found on the play ground making sure others feel included.  You are such a rule follower (sometimes to an extreme) when you remind teenagers and adults to "please go the speed limit."  You take your big brother role seriously, protecting your brother and sister.  I also love that your little mind is constantly working, from the moment you wake up, until you go to sleep, you are soaking in new information...and sharing it with anyone who will listen.  I'm amazed that you can now write your name (with a little help on the 'K'), can do some simple addition, and are learning to sound out words. You love school and love to learn!  You also play so hard- wearing your "fast shoes" and going going going.  I sure wish I could bottle and sell your enery, buddy.  You love to play "superhero", do puzzles, play with cars and be outside.  One of your favorite places to be is still RHCC.  I love that you love to go to church and that you love to recite bible stories and verses.  As your write the Word on your heart, I continue to pray that the impact it makes will guide your every step.

Big boy, if your first four years have brought us so much joy, I can't WAIT to see what is next!
I love you more than I can say!


Chad, Jennifer, and Hudson said...

I had to laugh out loud at "please go the speed limit." Kids say the darndest things. They crack me up. Happy Bday KJ. My birthday is a day after yours...we are almost the same age. I turned 30 this year... :)

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see the Lewis family this week! Paulette