Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Buzz and Woody...to the rescue!

KJ and Cbug's costume choices for their costume parade at school this fall were pretty simple- they would be Buzz and Woody, of course.  The tricky party was who would be each.  On any given day, one or the other is the current favorite- it changes faster than I can keep track, but of course almost always they both want the same one.  I, being the amazing mother that I am, anticipted this possible problem, so I made them decide who would be which character the night before school- Brilliant.  In theory.  They both chose- no problems at all.  KJ wanted Woody.  Cbug wanted Buzz.  Super easy.  Or so they lead me to believe- should have known better.  The next morning KJ pitched a WHOPPER of a fit.  I mean a real DOOZY.  Because Cbug had on the Buzz costume.  We went round the circle and back or him wearing Woody or nothing- totally his choice and we just left him alone with it.  Then, approximately 2 minutes before he would have been late for school, he suddenly completely changed his whole demeaner, requested a different hat than the one that actually came with the Woody costume and that fixed everything.  Four-Year-Olds.  Sheesh.
Cbug's precious class of three-year-olds on the left and KJ's amazing class of pre-Kers on the right.  Such fun!

We went to the stockyards that night for a failed attempt at some trick-or-treating.  But at least the kids looked cute.  Note that for this event, Buzz and Woody swaped costumes.  No problem.  Again.  Sheesh.

To stick with the TS3 motif, we added a little cheerleader from the toddler room at the Sunnyside Daycare.  Herself an adorable mence, who often wreaks havock on her brothers toys- this was not a difficult costume for Lou to pull off. 

Oh how I love them!  Tantrums, mischeif, costumes and all.

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