Saturday, November 13, 2010

Pictures of Joy!

I love moments like we experienced last weekend.  Moments where we get to see our children experience pure innocent joy.  I couldn't help but smile as I experienced JOY with my family.

JOY as we cooked our dinner and s'mores by the fire!

JOY while fishing

JOY in the "princess carriage"

JOY while they got undivided attention from parents and friends!

 MUCH JOY over rides in the Rangers (big and small)!

JOY during their own private hayride!

JOY over getting to feed the cows!

JOY while just getting to be a BOY!

So much JOY, there was nothing left to do except dream about it...

After several weeks of craziness around here, it was great to kick-back and just experience JOY!
Thanks, friends, for sharing your farm. We sure love spending time with you guys and it was a much needed get-a-way for our family!

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