Friday, January 14, 2011

He's a sneaky one

alternatively titled "Why do I leave the house?"

We had a great morning with a college friend and her kids.  It is always amazing to catch up with old friends and hear about the ways the Lord is working in the lives of those we love.  I'm thankful for her encouragement and the way she openly shares about what she is learning and the ways that she is growing.  So excited about where the Lord is taking their family right now!

ANYWAY- we met at a JumpZone kind of in between our two houses so the kids could play.  Its a cool place with lots of fun inflatables and I liked that it was all in one room so there wasn't much fear of kids wandering off somewhere (I thought).  I knew to keep a close eye on Cbug (I've referenced his amazing disappearing skills before) and Lou stayed pretty close so I always knew where she was, too.  I wasn't worried about KJ at all.  He ran between obstacle courses, doesn't really need help and wouldn't wander off too far without telling me (again- so I thought).

About an hour into our fun, KJ came to find me (he had been checking in every so often) and this time he had white icing all over his face.  Right behind him came the owner of the establishment, bearing KJ's party treat bag.  No, we were not there for a birthday party.  We were just there for open play.  But KJ found a way to join a party anyway.  VERY IMPRESSIVE as it required putting his shoes back on, following a little crowd to a party room away from the main room, and being "checked in" by the staff who had a list of names of kids that were invited to the party.  He apparently stayed at the party long enough to sing to the birthday boy with the other guests, eat his cake, drink his juice box, and collect his party bag before politely asking "Where is my mom?"  It wasn't until then that anyone even realized that he wasn't an invited guest. 


I was H-O-R-R-I-F-I-E-D and embarrassed, of course.  I mean, obviously if he had time to eat cake he had been out of my sight for awhile without me even noticing.  Awesome, ABL, awesome.  I couldn't believe it.  I made him go back and apologize to the mom, return the party bag (which they insisted that we keep) and thank them for being such good hosts (even to the crashers).  He cried and cried he was so embarrassed and we had a long talk about not going anywhere with strangers- even if they have cake.  Maybe especially if they have cake. 

He said "they told me I just had to put my shoes on and I could go in".  Fair enough, but from now on, please don't go to ANY PARTIES without your Momma.  EVER.  And yes, that same rule will apply when you are a teenager, thankyouverymuch.



Raina said...

I'm sorry, but I'm still laughing about this! We had so much fun seeing you, and doesn't it make for GREAT stories?!!!
Forgot to tell you that as we were on our way over there, I was reminding the kids of your kids' names. When I told them your name, Ryland said, "That's such a nice name!" I told him it was a nice name for a VERY nice woman! Love you!

Kelly said...

What a great story! I'm sure it was horrible going through, but you have to admit as to how hysterical it is! Seriously I'm cracking up picturing him singing to a kid he doesn't know. Love it! Thanks for sharing. :)

Megan Haggerton said...

Oh my word allison this story is hilarious! I love reading your blog and finding out about how absolutely precious your kids are!!!

Kylie said...

HAHA! another classic story. i love it!!