Thursday, January 6, 2011

REWIND- Christmas Part IV

I know it is back-tracking a bit, but even though Chistmas parts I, II, and III were fantastic, Christmas just wouldn't be complete without part IV- so now you have it...

Christmas at Grammy's, our last major Christmas celebration for the year, was a great day of relaxing with RRL's family.  It was especially amazing this year because my Momma and Daddy also joined us. 

I loved having so much of our family in one place.

I think we have started a new tradition.  We should ALWAYS take an adult picture AND a kid picture. 
The adult picture, like this one, should be after the kids are down for naps and we are really getting to enjoy each others company.

And the kid picture, like this one, should be right. smack. dab.  in the middle of the craziness.  Because they are crazy fun and it just works better that way.
This way we get a true picture of everyone (and maybe its so I don't have to be in any pictures while sweating...maybe).

Other fun traditions were started and carried on, as well.  The kids really enjoyed the Nativity story with Grammy,

 ate a great meal (which for the kids meant a few bits of sustenance and then plenty of dessert), and had lots of FUN with some of our favorite people, Aunt B and

Uncle J.

Oh, and don't forget, Lou got her first "shooting" lesson.  I mean, it was just what she needed to round out her day of rocking babies, cooking in her kitchen, and having tea parties, right?  At least she is wearing a bow while doing it.  Goodness.
 And then, because what  celebration would be complete without it...
I made them pose.  Again.  But look how stinkin' cute they are.  I just can't help myself.

Real life doesn't stop for Christmas.  We still had tantrums, accidents, bickering, a sick middle boy and lots of messes to clean-up.  But I loved every minute of the holidays this year.  We really did have an amazing time with our families and making memories with our children.  Special thanks to our Moms who go WAY out of their way to make it so special and so much easier on us in our current stage of being outnumbered by toddlers.  You have no idea how much it means to us...then again, maybe you do.


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