Monday, January 3, 2011

My favorite 3-year-old

One of the things I love most about Cbug at this stage is the fact that he makes some AMAZING faces!  From the first day of his little life, he has never been one to hide his feelings.  He is one of the most expressive kids I've ever seen.  Except when he's not- and he's got the blank stare MASTERED for those occasions as well.

So, in celebration of his THIRD BIRTHDAY, I thought I'd share some of the faces of sweet CCL.
*As captured in the pumpkin patch by Cindi and Cass

*As captured by Aimee of Eden Hayes Photography this November.

Oh. My. Word.  Couldn't you just eat him up...and laugh at him...and wonder what is going on in that little mind?  And the best part is that it all happens within a matter of minutes.  There's just a glimpse for you into why we are so smitten!

Sweet Cbug-
        It is impossible to believe that you are three. You have looked forward to being "stree" for an entire year and the day has finally come. You’ve spent the day reminding us “Its my birthday, you know?!?!” Yes, yes we know!
       A lot has happened this year- you started pre-school, you now wear big boy underwear, you’ve learned to spell your name and write it (with the letters scattered around the page), and your vocabulary has changed by leaps and bounds. It now includes some of our favorite words to hear you say like “actuwee” (actually) and wast night (everything happened “last night”). You've provided your parents with several really scary moments this year, between asthma attacks and disappearing acts, but you've also provided lots and lots of laughter. Between knock-knock jokes, your deep hearty giggle, silly grins, and sneaky smirks- Oh how you make us all laugh!
       Recently someone summed you up perfectly with one word- PASSION. You are truly passionate about everything you do. EVERYTHING. Your passion for how you feel is always very evidently displayed- happy, sad, glad or mad- we never have to guess how you feel. And when you love something, you are ALL IN. You love trains (especially Thomas, James and Percy), Buzz and Woody, all things related to the movie CARS (especially Mater and McQueen), and wrestling with your brother. When you are playing with your favorites you practically disappear into your pretend-play. We love to watch you carefully set up a “city” with your blocks and cars or get immersed into a favorite book. Once you are there it is almost impossible to distract you from your passion of the moment.
       We love that you are passionate about the things you love and that you are quick to tell others about how you feel. We are praying that the Lord will help us, your parents, mold those attributes in you to be used for good and most importantly for His GLORY. We pray you’ll never be shy about sharing your passion for God and his creation with others and that your passion for life will lead others to a deep relationship with Christ, who is so very passionate about you, too.

We love you to infinity and beyond, sweet Cbug!
Love, Momma


Elisa said...

What a sweet and funny little boy! He is completely adorable. Happy Birthday, Cbug!

The Best Family said...

he reminds me so much of my Coby at that age!! Personality and cuteness! And you are a precious momma, too, Allsion! :o) xoxo

Cindi Schrimsher said...

Having a child with an early January birthday, I seem to follow the escapades of this 3 year old. Maybe also because he is as rough and tumble as my now 27 year old (stitches included)! And there can never be enough pictures. Keep 'em coming! ~ Oh, and please add more of KJ and Princess Lou! Love these 3 - and their mom and dad!