Thursday, April 28, 2011

REWIND: Egg hunting and other Easter Treasures

The incredible-six split up for Easter, some of  us heading to Nashville and some heading to Denton...but everyone heading to do something they love best, VISIT GRANDPARENTS!

But first, we couldn't miss the school Easter egg hunt.  Another fun memory at our little preschool.
And then some of us "hunted" again in Nashville.

But eggs weren't the only treasures we found while we were there.
We found fun times with NONNA! (and Papa Jim, too, but unfortunately he wasn't feeling very well)
And an unexpected blessing of some time with Wes and Lauren

AND these fun friends that we found at church

One of my favorite treasures was lots of time together. 

Acting crazy together.

Walks to the park.
And playing in some of my favorite childhood spots.

And, if that weren't enough...
I also got to spend much of the weekend celebrating another beloved treasure. 
I've loved this beautiful bride for longer than I can remember.
The four of us have more memories together, covering a broader scope of life, than I do with just about anyone else I can think of.  Such a blessing to be able to add this day to that list of treasured-memories!

Indeed, I'd say our Easter "hunting" was VERY successful!

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Nicole Shaub said...

you're too sweet:) love reading the blog - never expected to be on it! love you, too...