Saturday, April 2, 2011

REWIND: Our first adventure


Only a few weeks after our nephews and niece came to stay at our house, our family was planning to go camping with some friends. Keep in mind, the kind of camping we do is very conducive to small children. BUT STILL. Could we do it? six kids. eight people. A 10-month-old. IN A TENT?

Sure. Why not?

Now would be a great time for me to pause and say...
We have some INCREDIBLE friends. Friends who jumped in to love these kids and help make a trip like this possible. It was only one night, but five precious kiddos loved every minute of it. (Verdict out on baby B's enjoyment level). They helped us survive our first party-of-eight adventure. 

I'd say we even better than survived,

We got to be with some of our favorite people, and we did what we do best on the farm...

Took rides in the jeep.

Made Friends with large animals.

And when the squeals of delight ran the animals away, we found something standing still...

And climbed on it,

rolled down it

or jumped off of it.

Since this was our first party-of-8 adventure, we also worked on important skills.

Like helping take care of anyone littler than you
holding onto the orange rope to stick together,  

And how to sleep 8 people in tight spaces.
(poor baby B will have to cut us a little slack for only have pink bedding in the beginning...sorry bud, this has now been remedied)

We learned that ordinary objects can turn into fun and useful objects on the farm.
Like rocks for noses and a swing built from a tire.

As you can plainly see...
There was no shortage of adventures,
and we all had just a hay bale of fun!

But sheesh- I'm tired just from looking back at the pictures. 
Thank the Lord for our amazing friends, willing to help my our first adventure a success.

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