Sunday, April 10, 2011

REWIND: Sites to See

I'm still trying to go back and do a few more "rewind posts" to bridge the gaps this spring. Bare with me.

Another of our early adventures involved taking the "circus" to the museum.
Before we even got inside, there were sites to see.  Unfortunately. 
WE were the sites for others to see.
Sorry, people.  We're still getting the hang of this corralling business.

Once we got inside.  There were lots of sites for US to SEE, as well.

We saw toy trains


and bubbles.

 We drove rescue vehicles
and shopped for groceries.
We played with water guns

and built waterways.
(Did anyone else think the reflection of the water was playing tricks on you?  nope- those are just the matching-but-not-twin brothers at work.  Oh, and after snapping the photo, I did explain to Cbug that we don't taste the exhibits.)

But, for one momma whose "baby brother" had just returned from Afghanistan, these were some of
the VERY BEST sites to see:

Lots of sights to see, lots of fun to have, lots of memories to make.
I love the museum.
And Lt D!
but I could do without the snakes


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