Thursday, October 27, 2011

MMM: Pumpkin People

Another fun Monday activity with my three little amigos- this week we made "pumpkin people".
This is our second year to decorate pumpkins WITHOUT carving them.  This way they can do it themselves
(and may or may not be because I have no interest in putting my hands in that slime)

I will admit that I did have to constantly repeat to myself, "these are their pumpkins, these are their pumpkins" to keep myself from doing it for them or correcting things like uneven eyes or out-of-season stickers.  I know that completely SHOCKS you.

You will also be completely shocked to know that I took an over-abundance of pictures during this little activity.  It was just so much fun to see them create.  So, as a balance, I'll try to limit the number of accompanying words (I know, I already failed).

So, to make pumpkin people...

First you cut some arms and legs.

Then fold 'em.

And attach them.

Next, you make the faces.  This was actually Cbug's idea all by himself.  He figured out how to make eyes and a mouth and his big brother copied him.  I was pretty proud of our "middlest" who usually chooses to just do whatever big brother is doing.

Next, the hair (Cbug's went for some "highlights")

Then, the stickers.
Oh my, the stickers.
This was pretty much the only part that the little Princess was interested in.  So, I just let her "sticker" to her hearts' content.  And, as I mentioned, the kiddos were not concerned at all about the "seasons" of their stickers.  So we had snowmen, valentines and shamrocks all attached to our pumpkin people.  KJ did try to make a connection to fall with his shamrocks.  He said that he was making "falling leaves" going down the back of his pumpkin person.  Ok.  I'll buy that.

As Lou applied stickers above, she had her tongue out to concentrate.  A trait that runs in the family, apparently.

And the finished pumpkin people.  On their own, they each ended up making their people primarily out of their favorite colors which sure helped me in keeping them straight as to whose-was-whose.  Thanks, guys!

So, here is our little lineup of pumpkins.


(which he says is a ninja)

and Lou's

Um, and in case the "we stayed in our pajamas all day" wasn't proof enough that just because we have MMM does NOT make it a perfect Monday....

Yeah, this is the darling princess after she had to be excused from the table for screaming at me about her abilities to use the scissors ALL.BY.HUH-SEF.  Herself cannot even open and close them on her own, but she was determined and I was in.the.way. 
So, yeah.  There was some of that kind of fun, too.  I mean, just in case you needed to a little reality check about our house!

Hope you are finding ways to make the "Mondays" in your life full of good memories that far outweigh the bad!

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