Monday, October 31, 2011

A favorite tradition: The Pumpkin Patch

**Updated: apparently I have pregnancy brain (I love being able to blame things on  my unborn child)...This actually  makes the FOURTH year that Cindi and Cass have taken pictures of our crew in the pumpkin patch- meaning that no one else has ever taken pictures of Lou OR Cbug in the patch.  Just thought that was noteworthy.

I'm sure many of you share my insistence on taking pumpkin patch pictures each year...its a wonderful tradition. 
but JUST taking pumpkin patch pictures is not what makes this every-October-event a favorite tradition of mine. 

 MY favorite part is the official "photographers". 

For three years the amazing Cindi/Cassidy duo (HOW DOES CINDI ALWAYS AVOID HAVING HER PICTURE TAKEN) has shown great patience, shared lots of laughs, chased my rascals, and helped pose the posse all over the pumpkin patch

...and did I mention patience?

I'm not sure anyone else could handle it, and I'm not sure with all the distractions the pumpkin patch entails, my three would cooperate with anyone else.  They love these two friends-turned-photographers and are therefore willing to cooperate (as best as can be expected from little ones who spy  a tractor, popcorn, a corn maze, other children having fun, wagons to pull, etc).

After three years of pumpkin patch together I KNOW that... 
No one else has ever taken Lou's picture with these icons of fall. In all her princess glory. 
(she hates the camera...can't you tell?

No one else could quite understand (and capture the fact) that this IS Cbug.

And no one else could understand the essential nature of nurturing KJ while treating him like the BIG 5-year-old that he is.

 So, I hope it is a tradition that continues for many years of fall. 

Amidst this craziness, though, I did think that maybe next year it would be easier to just throw a bunch of pumpkins out into our front yard and take pictures there with our crew of FOUR adorable punkins! 
 I can hardly even imagine that scene...but I know if anyone can capture it, it will be these two that love us enough to just maybe be crazy enough to try!



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Cindi Schrimsher said...

Argh.. Tears - Stop Falling! Go back inside those eyelid wells! Thank you for including us in this experience. Life is sweeter with these 3 in it - and a running KJ that I can still sweep up in my arms.. is soothing for the soul. CBug reminds me so much of my TC Coel, and Princess Libby - what a priceless princess she is! And I can't wait for next October! (We'll have to start early, in case we need to do a "reshoot".) Y'all are the BEST part of any Pumpkin Patch!