Tuesday, April 3, 2012

MMM: Roadtrip edition

So, if this month goes as planned, I will...

Go to Kindergarten "round-up" to register my 5-year-old for "big school"
Spend a weekend celebrating Easter with SIX little chicks under my roof
Watch my husband perform the wedding ceremony of my baby brother
Sell my house (maybe wishful thinking)

Even if I survive the pace of the month, it is likely I will not survive the emotions of it.  So this Monday, the first Monday of April, called for an extra special MMM activity.  And what better way to kick off this barrel race of a month than a ROADTRIP!

Yesterday, I loaded my three kiddos, some movies, a picnic lunch and various other road-trip-paraphernalia and headed east.  Granted, we only traveled about 60 miles east and were back before bedtime, but it was a still a roadtrip.  I had been a little sad that we were going to miss the Bluebonnet Festival again this year so at the last minute I decided to at least visit the "Bluebonnet Capital", see the gorgeous wildflowers and spend the whole day just being with my kiddos. 

We had a fun little adventure following the "bluebonnet trail" signs to determine which way to travel next,  

and OF COURSE took pictures.

Lots of pictures.

We also visited the public library in town, had a picnic lunch.

and went bowling.  This bowling alley was one of the shadiest I've even been in (and that's saying a lot of a bowling alley).  The only other person there was "Mr Pete," the operator, who would occasionally come out of the bar to reset our lane, retrieve a stuck ball, etc.  Sometimes I amaze even myself at the situations I manage to create.
(Check out the DOS-like screen and literal bumper pads in the lanes).
Even RRL jumped in at the tale end of our day-of-fun and met us for dinner. 

The day was pretty perfect.  It wasn't quite as romantic as I made it out in my mind (it rarely is, especially when you want your kids to cooperate with picture time).  However, intentionally spending one of my last free pre-baby days just being with my three favorite blonds was totally worth the drive and worth the sweat. 

I kept thinking over and over...
This may be one of the last times I introduce my THREE children. 
The next time we do such and such there will be FOUR.

And because of that,
I'm so thankful to have this little day of memories carved in my mommy heart. 
A treasure of a Monday, for sure.


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