Sunday, June 17, 2012

Being a Daddy is hard work

I was thinking.  I never knew before how many things daddies have to do.

They have to touch worms.  They have to kiss hurts. They have to help children out of trees.

They have to say when it's time to go.  They have to pay bus fares.

They have to do lots of other things, too.

"Daddy," I asked, "is it hard to be a daddy?"

"Sometimes," he said, "but I think it's fun, too.  I like it, Son."

He gave me a hug.

-From Sesame Street's "I'm My Daddy" by Daniel Wilcox.

Our little family is VERY mindful this father's day of all that Daddies have to do.  The "Daddy" on our little team has made many sacrifices to take care of our family and even other children.  My Daddy taught me to look for someone like RRL by the example he set in working hard and using what you have to bless others.  Best part is, even when being a Daddy is "hard work" they always make me believe that they like this job they've been given.  The job of being a Daddy.


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