Monday, June 25, 2012

Three going on 13!

Oh my oh my.  If this is THREE, I can.not.imagine what having a teen aged girl will be like.  Oh the drama, or the sassiness, oh the disobedience.  And in the same breath- oh the joy, oh the laughter, oh the LOVE.  Our little (big) Lou is all that and more.  She's been three for less than a week and has fully embraced it.  Then again she was "almost three" for months so its better that we just made it official.

On her birthday weekend we were traveling, her Daddy was heading out to camp and her biggest brother was S-I-C-K.  She spent the day just playing with Cbug at Nonna's house and actually having an AWESOME time.  But as she went to sleep that night she put her sweet little arms around me and said "Oh, Momma, all I wanted today was just to have cake on a princess plate".  Oh dear.  I mean, yes, she blew out a candle on her donut and opened presents before Daddy left.  But it just wasn't what her little princess heart had in mind.  It crushed me.  No, it was not the end of the world, but I really do LOVE getting to make a big deal out of my kids' birthdays.  So you better believe, the next night we had pizza and you guessed it- princess cupcakes on princess plates.  She was delighted.  And that was the end of that.

Sweet Princess Lou-

I surely love you.  I love the pink. I love the bows. I love the strut.  I love the princess heels. And I love that with all of that you can yell BOO-YAH at the top of your lungs, wrestle with your brothers and Daddy, run "super fast" and play super heroes.  You are one of a kind, sweet sister.  And we are so glad you are ours!

You've really enjoyed getting to go to preschool this year.  When you started, last fall, you fully embraced the fact that you were the oldest in the class.  You translated "oldest" as "teacher's-official-helper" and did your very best to keep the rest of the class in line.  I'm sure all of your friends appreciated that.  What's so funny is, that even though your tiny self might weigh 20 pounds (wet), your confidence makes up for your size.  And people listen to you because of that!  You are not afraid to voice your opinion, stand up for yourself, or explain how you think things need to be done.  We are working to develop a little grace and some key phrases like "please don't do that" and "I have an idea" which sound just a touch less bossy :)

You are oh so helpful around our house.  I can just be cooking dinner and you will come in to help set the table, clean up messes, or cook.  You are so perceptive at seeing what needs to be done.  And, even when I don't tell you or act otherwise, I do love having you by my side!  I also love watching you with your baby brother.  I'm pretty sure if you were just a little bigger, and therefore able to lift him, you could pretty well take care of him on your own.  You seem to know what his cries mean and are quick to let me know what he needs.  One of my favorite sites in the rearview mirror is you singing to him, reading him a story or holding his hand.  You also still LOVE it when your cousins come to visit.  You and your cousin C are good buddies, and I love how you help take care of her and make her feel welcome at our home. You never seem to mind sharing your bed, sharing your clothes, or sharing your toys.  You amaze me!

Your vocabulary, combined with your sweet southern drawl (enhanced by your lack of "r" sounds), make you a JOY to be with in a conversation.  I love the way you think through things and explain them.  AND I love it when you get words confused. Like when you want me to go faster and tell me to "Go speedy lemon" while driving (instead of "speed limit"). You say "Problems" instead of "Proverbs" when learning scripture.  You like me to "scrub" your back at night, which to you means a combination of scratching and rubbing.  Or, a recent favorite, is hearing you say "Let's ROLL and ROCK!"

You love your Daddy.  Boy HOWDY do you love your Daddy.  And he is pretty smitten, too.  He's not much of a shopper, but I've seen him come home with more splurges over the last 3 years than ever before.  He spoils you, for sure, but you also respect him.  I'm so thankful he is showing you how a man treats a lady by the example he sets in loving me and loving you.  Especially since you already have a couple of little boys that claim you will one day marry.  Oh, help us!

We love you, princess.  You are a joy and delight.  You are as cheerful as your favorite color, pink. And you are the perfect balance to our house full of boys.  On this birthday, we pray that you will always continue to use your perceptiveness in helping, your joy in giving, and your strong confidence to bless others and bring glory to your Maker.

Sugar, I love you more than sugar.  And that is A LOT!


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