Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Growing up is hard to do

Sure, growing up can be hard.
So can remembering the right words to classic songs (like the fact that AFTER I cleverly named this post, I remembered that the song is breaking up, not growing up.  awkward).

This year, with KJ starting "big school" we've definitely experienced some of the hard parts of growing up.  Days when it just doesn't seem FAIR that he has to go to school while Cbug and Lou have fun at home together.  Days when he would really rather run and play than do homework.  Days when he's not so sure that "setting a good example" as the oldest kiddo is really a role he wanted to sign up for.


More than that- watching KJ grow up has been full of some super sweet moments lately.  He is learning so much, changing so much, making great choices for himself.  In short- I couldn't be prouder of him.

I've already talked about his new found freedom on two wheels.  Here are a few other "big" moments for him lately:

He read 100 books for school.  This was a huge accomplishment that he has been working on all school year.  5 books from 10 different categories had to be from "the list" and then 50 were "free choice".  His reading skills really have just exploded this year.  I'm amazed at what he can read.

He went roller skating for the first time.  If his confidence in his skating abilities could have carried him, he would practically be a professional.  Unfortunately, once he actually donned the wheels, gravity got the better of him.  He still had an awesome attitude, though, and was soon scooting around like a mad man, thanks to the help of the clever little walker-like-contraptions the rink offered.

He lost his first tooth (swallowed it, actually, in a rice krispie treat).  And then negotiated the price of the tooth (pretty sure he knows about the 'ole TF- he mentioned she has "brown hair"- but he's playing along).  I had no idea what the going rate was for a small front tooth, but after we bantered back and forth we determined that $0.50 for small teeth and $1.00 for the big ones seemed reasonable. 
(hey, his tooth fairy has four mouth fulls of these suckers to pay out on.  can't set the standard too high.  Especially when my kids are used to getting paid in nickles and pennies.)
It's a good thing I kept it reasonable, too, because just 3 days later he lost the second one.
AND he already has "adult teeth" growing.  I'm telling ya- he's big time.

He FINALLY got to fly his kite.  You know, the one he got for his birthday last May but just now got to take out of the package.  The one that stayed in the package so long he pretty much memorized the safety instructions on the back because he read them so many times.  Yeah, that one.  Once we got it out and put together, he mastered the flying of it quickly and actually was better than me at keeping it in the air.  And to make him EVEN MORE grown up, he taught his brother and sister how to "tug gently," too. I.LOVE.HIM.

He is always a helper.  At Easter hunts, he put eggs in littler kids baskets, he helps smaller kids in games even if it means he doesn't get to win, he is quick to sweetly include his tag-along- sister and he sits by his baby brother in the car and helps by entertaining him.

There may be some tough moments in this "growing up" business.  But I'm sure loving all of the milestones along the way.
Sure love this biggest boy of ours!

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Tara said...

Sweet boy! Your littles are blessed to have him as their biggest!