Saturday, March 30, 2013

Life on Saturday

Yesterday was Friday.
Tomorrow is Sunday.
But today.  Today is Saturday.

On Friday we recognize the agony.  The pain.  The torture-beyond-imagination that our Savior endured.
On Sunday we relish in the HOPE of his resurrection.  Christ, our RISEN Lord.

But today.  Today is Saturday.

In our Bible class, leading up to Easter, we've been lead through thinking about the emotions, the decisions, the experiences of those that were following Jesus.  They first watched his death and then experienced him whole again.  Disciples heard his cry to his Father as he died and then touched his wounded hands when he came back to them.  Women went and saw that his body had been placed in a tomb and then went back and found the same tomb empty.  They were there.

And they also had Saturday.

As we've talked about the journey those close to Jesus walked, I've wondered a lot about Saturday.  The Bible doesn't say much about what that Sabbath day was like for them.  They certainly did not know what Sunday would look like, yet.  We know they weren't certain that he would be fully ALIVE on Sunday because that day the women went to "treat" his body- hardly necessary if he was going to be alive.

They HOPED.  Oh, they hoped.  But would he really walk among them again?  Even the most faithful had to wonder. 
"If this was the end, the gruesome end, what did it all mean?  How in the world do we just go back to our normal lives?  If he was dead- really gone- could we really just go back to fishing, after leaving everything to follow him?  What could we possibly do with all that we have seen and experienced.  The authority with which he taught.  The miracles. The healing.  The lessons of  REPENTANCE AND REDEMPTION."

What did they do?  How did they wait?
On Saturday.

This question resonates deeply with me right now. 
I believe that he faced a gruesome and torturous death and took with him the sins of the world.  My sins.  I know that no pain I've experienced comes close to what he endured.  And as a result, I believe he meets me when I'm enduring life's pains.  He knows about Friday.  (read this awesome blog that my sweet friend, Courtney, wrote  last year- The King of Friday).

AND I believe that he ROSE again.  Miraculously, and just as he foretold, he came back on Sunday to walk among those that loved Him.  He died, but in the end he conquered death for all of us.  He created the HOPE of Sunday.

When we come through pain- through the times of life the knock us up one side and down the other- sometimes the thought of "going back to normal" is just as difficult as walking through the tragedy, the unexpected, the loss. The idea that the rest of the world is going on about their day while you are remembering yesterday's pain is almost too much to bare. You can cling to the hope of Sunday, you can believe with all your might that redemption is coming, that He walks with you, but what about the between.  The wait. That day is Saturday.
I believe he knows about Saturday, too.

He knows about my Saturdays.  The days when I look back and see how he remembered our family through great pain.  That he carried us in so many ways through a dark and difficult time.  AND I can look forward with great anticipation and hope, fully believing that he is going to redeem every.single.ounce of it.  I do not fully know what it will look like, but I do believe that he is MIGHTY to save US.  I know Sunday is certainly coming. In some ways Sunday comes in the bits of hope we experience each day. 

But on Saturday, I stand between the two.  On Saturday I wonder how to just keep doing real life.  On Saturday, the pain I saw and experienced is so much a part of me, I can't help but wonder what I'm supposed to do with it.  Even though I cling to the hope of Sunday with all my human might, there are Saturdays.  On Saturday,  I wonder if anyone else remembers, and question even whether it was worth it. 

Right now I feel surrounded by Saturdays.
Thank goodness He knows about Saturday.

He knows about my sweet friends who sent their baby to heaven much too soon.  They came through the pain of his death, and they wait in confidence for the day they'll meet him again.  But today, today is their Saturday.

He knows about children who long for parents.  Much too early in their little lives, they've seen the pain of a home broken apart.  And they are learning about a God who is forever their Father, who will never disappoint their HOPE, who keeps his promises.  But today.  Today is their Saturday.

He knows about my sweet friend whose health means she'll never have more children.  She's experienced the pain of that news.  And she has great hope knowing that the Lord will redeem the plans she has relinquished for what her family "should" look like.  But today.  Today is her Saturday.

He knows about the marriages of friends I love.  The marriages that have been on the brink of disaster.  The marriages that are making a choice to cling to the hope of what they Lord can renew.  But for now, they wait.  They work.  They struggle.  Today.  Today is their Saturday.

He knows about the day(s) that follow the pain, while we wait. We don't wait without hope. We don't wait without faith. But some days we do have to wait. Wait to see. While we trust deep down that Sunday is coming, on Saturday we wait.  And sometimes the waiting, even while believing, is hard.

That's why I've been thinking about Saturday.  I ache at the thought of these Saturdays for those I love. 
Yesterday was Friday
Tomorrow is Sunday.
But today. Today is Saturday.

I can't take away Saturday, and I'm not sure I really want to- its the crucial link between our Fridays and our Sunday.  Saturday is the day we experience faith before sight.  The day we pray expecting miracles.  The day we wait in quiet knowing the power of the Lord will be fully revealed.  Saturday is not without hope. 

And the Hope of Saturday is in the one with whom we wait.  The one who has experienced Saturday to the fullest.  The one who is Lord of Saturday, just like He is over Friday and Sunday.

Please don't let the enemy fool you into thinking that you wait alone.
He waits with you.
And Sunday really is coming.


If you are looking for a group of people to wait with, please join us tomorrow at The Hills  People who have experienced the pain of Friday and who celebrate the Hope of Sunday.  Not perfect people, just people striving to do more to encourage each other toward faith and hope on Saturday. 


Cindi Schrimsher said...

Thanks Allison. Some days we all feel stuck in "a Saturday". And we need these reminders that it's not uncommon - and that I'm not alone in thinking it. But like you, I KNOW Sunday is coming. Every Saturday has a Sunday right after it. Just a few "short" hours until it arrives. And we long for the ultimate Sunday - when we will all be made whole with Him, and those we love.

The Brackeens said...

I have never heard much mention about Saturday. This weekend, I was talking to my mom about the sermon our preacher did "Friday, Saturday, Sunday" (one each week). And she said, "NOthing happened on Saturday, did it? Not that we KNOW of." Not only did our preacher do a whole sermon on Saturday, then one of my Lent readings talked about Saturday, and now this. I think this country is in a Saturday...and definitely many people we know and love are. Thanks for sharing.

I just read this post and also the one about March Madness. Ha. Didn't realize we share the LOVE for Coach K. I knew you were a Duke fan, though, so I probably could have figured it out. It's just funny I commented on facebook before I read this post...and I'm relieved to hear someone ELSE CAN'T. VOTE. AGAINST Coach K! ;)