Wednesday, April 10, 2013

We're in it for the exercise- Seaside 2013

You might have noticed that I got my momentum back.  Maybe not all the way, but at least a bit of it.  I kicked off this blogging streak at the beginning of March.  There was a sudden flurry of DRRF activity with posts about Little Bear's baby blessing, our Christmas countdown, the kids telling their versions of the Christmas story, our new valentine traditions and Christopher growing up way too quickly- and you may ask,
What in the WORLD was the catalyst?

Welp, It looked a little something like this
(that would be deliciousness imported directly from Nashville- Purity lemonade and momma's homemade bread- and a couple of lovebirds who were enjoying the beach with only one child.  small tastes of heaven, i tell ya).
At the beginning of March, RRL and I left our 3 biggests at home (supervised, of course) to have tons of fun going to the science museum, TCBY, and all kinds of other rumpus with two of their favorite adults (THANKS C&H!!!!).

While we headed out on an adventure with baby C, his first time on an airplane.

We met my parents in Nashville first for coffee, conversation (crazy how much easier that is with 3 less kiddos),

and a show.
At this point I was seconds away from fighting back HUGE tears- we were surrounded by families enjoying Peter Pan with their children.  Not an awesome way to kick off my kid free weekend.  But we pressed on.  Cathy Rigby was incredible and the show was truly delightful. 

Bright and early the next morning, we loaded up and drove to our next destination- the sandy gulf beaches. 

Mom and I were running/walking a half marathon (she walked, I had to run to keep up) and Daddy, RRL and Little Bear came along to cheer. 
That's my baby inside a pillowcase.  It was unseasonally cold that morning (wind chill at 28 when we started the walk)

Seriously- 3 whole hours, just me and my Momma.  In a race which happened to be in Seaside.   And happened to be sponsored by Vera Bradly.


We then proceeded to spend the rest of the weekend doing a whole lot of

Except taking pictures of our family "of 3".

And walking on the beach.

And celebrating a couple of birthdays.

And blogging, reading (I actually finished a whole book), napping, eating, snacking, movie watching.
WITH my parents, my husband and my sweet baby boy.
It was miserable :)

While we were growing up, my mom used to remind us that a parent's primary job is NOT to be their kids' best friend.  And my parents were pretty true to that word- often making hard decisions that wouldn't win them a teen popularity contest.  There are few things I'd thank my parents more for.  And as a result, at 30 (something-ish-cough), I can honestly say that spending a weekend with my parents is one of my very favorite things.  Thanks for an awesome weekend!!!


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Oh, don't let her fool you! I was totally in it for the Vera Bradley bag, and the opportunity to spend some time with her AT THE BEACH! I have no shame, I'll do almost anything for a trip to the beach with her!