Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Folks, we have a SEVEN-YEAR-OLD!

Its' true.  As of yesterday, we have a seven-year-old.  And I'm not quite sure how it happened.  In some ways the grey hairs I'm starting to get and the memory bank that seems to diminish daily, are great indicators that I've lived a lot of life- plenty enough to fill seven years.  But in other ways, it seems that I blinked and he went from being tucked safely in my arms to waving goodbye to me in front of his "big school".
I dunno, but so far, I LOVE seven.  KJ is at an age where he's big.  But not too big.  Just Perfect. 

My biggest boy, KJ-

The Lord knew I needed to ease into this parenting-gig, so He gave me you first.  You've always been an absolute JOY to parent. (Ok, so, maybe ALWAYS is a bit of an exaggeration, but not by far.)  By adding you to my life, the Lord gave me some of the first glimpses that it was possible to divide your heart and yet give it fully.  He has shown me that He gives good gifts.  He has reminded me how great it is to have children who honor you and bring you pride, as is His desire for all of us as His children.  You are amazing.  And I'm both honored and proud to be your Momma.

You've changed and learned so much this year, I'm not sure I can even sum it up.  Academically, you are brilliant - I'm your mom, I get to say that :).  You read way above your grade level, you are mastering math and you have retained so many facts about science and social studies.  I love that when you get in the car with me you love to do the car trivia question cards that I got a garage sale.  Together we are learning facts about different states and famous U.S. people.  You love to teach others, too, and I often find you sharing your knowledge with your brothers and sister.  We continue to work on how to share in an encouraging way, and I've seen you come so far in that area this year.

Recently you told me that your "class" that you teach in your room did move with us to the new house.  I hadn't heard about "Kribagayle" and friends in a while so I wasn't sure.  You teach them

while you fall asleep some nights and sometimes in the car.  Your daddy and I can sometimes hear you whispering your lessons to them.  So, apparently, even your sleep-avoiding-tactics involve helping others.  You are also very quick-witted.  I love that you are getting old enough to joke with us and "get-it" when we are giving you a hard time.

Its great to me your wit and imagination are alive and well, because sometimes you seem to take life so seriously.  Your top priority is safety for your friends and family members, as you remind us of the rules and plan out best strategies for rule following.    You read labels, safety warnings, and inspect areas for hazards like fire ants.  You ask lots of questions and actually remind me sometimes about being careful.  Like for your birthday when you told us "I'm not sure where I'll stand at the park, but it will be somewhere that I can remind my friends to let an adult help them if they can't reach".  Luckily, we ended up having your party at a different playground, without so many hazards.  And you were able to enjoy yourself without standing guard. 

Don't get me wrong, you LOVE to have fun.   You and Cbug would chase each other and scream and laugh at high volumes all day if you could and wrestling privaleges are pretty much your favorite thing EVER.  You love to zoom around on two wheel with your new bike riding skills AND on your new birthday-present-scooter.  I love that in these areas you are more fearless than cautious.  And that it seems to have brought great confidence to you.  We take every opportunity we can to head over to "the cul-de-sac" to ride.  Even there, when you are having a blast, you take time to encourage your brother (who is just learning to ride) and check on your sister and baby brother.  Seriously, what would I do without you.

You've had some tough lessons this year about disappointment at school.  Some things haven't gone the way you really hoped.  But I've been so proud of the way you've handled even that, often adapting to situations that weren't your first choice.  I'm really amazed at your adaptability, but also been praying that adapting wouldn't be confused in your mind with just blending-in.  Because you, KJ, are a stand-out kid.  You are going to lead others by the example you set, by the high standards you set for yourself and others, and by the way you encourage and support and teach your friends.

And that, KJ, is my prayer for you this year.  As you put this first year of "big school" under your belt, as you apply some of the tough lessons you've had to learn, and as you continue to bring so much joy-
May you stand-out in the crowd. 
May you lead others on a narrow path. 
May you continue to look for ways to teach others and encourage many. 
To bring the LORD great glory.
And in all things, may you be one who, like your name means, is fully devoted to God. 

I love you so much.  My heart could just explode thinking about the blessing you are to our family.  You are, indeed, my VERY favorite seven-year-old!

Happy 7th Birthday!


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