Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Teammates

They can morph into the same pretend world without ever discussing it.
They laugh at each other's jokes, without ever saying a word.
The bunkbeds they share are their most prized possession.
They think it is hilarious that people think they are twins.
They attempt to pulverize each other on a regular basis.
They can't wait to go to the same school.
They prefer to pee at the same time.
They ask to dress alike.
They encourage.
They argue.
They love
Each other.

They are
Super Soccer Speedy Cheetahs
for a season.
But they will be 



laura jo said...

I love this. And I love their team's name!

The Brackeens said...

That was touching. Really, it was. But I'm just wondering...mother to mother...has it always been this way? Your boys are closer than mine, but seriously, some days I think they actually HATE each other. When they get together, they do whatever they can to annoy the other/take what the other has...and they are such angels when they are apart (most of the time). I know it's a part of growing up...and yes, they have times when they play together nicely (it feels like heaven)...but it worries me, too. There. I said it.