Thursday, May 16, 2013

My Mothers' Day

About a week ago, a sweet friend was asking my kiddos about "Mother's Day"
seemed like a pretty straightforward, easy to answer question to me:
"Hey, what DO we celebrate on Mother's Day?"
But apparently I overestimated the transparency of the holiday's title.
Lou, from the backseat, confidently said-

today was Mother's Day
And I guess someone clued them in because

I felt celebrated.
I received breakfast in bed.
and many (handmade) gifts.

My children posed for pictures because I asked them to.
I got to eat at a restaurant that wasn't chosen for the children's menu.
I got to plan the family activity for the evening.

Today, I walked down the hall at church and grinned from ear to ear
when I saw my sweet baby(est) boy
clutching a flower for me.

I was selected to be part of a Pirate Club
and ran around on the playground
with my children calling me
"Mommy Matey"

Today was fantastic.

But today
I also
dropped half a jar of baby food sweet potatoes
all over my self.
but Today
The amazing breakfast in bed KJ had been planning all week
turned out to be
one very small muffin.

But today
 I endured a temper tantrum like never before
just because I actually took the flower clutched in the sweet baby's outstretched hand.
Apparently "here" is his word for LOOK at this.  Not take this. 
I didn't know.
but Today
When I went to pick up one of my kids from Sunday School
the teacher informed me that he/she
had already let them know that his/her mom
was ALWAYS last to arrive.

and also, when I asked my children to rest quietly in the car
on our way home from a busy day.
Someone asked me "Are we even allowed to breathe?"

Today was
and they did everything they could
to make it mine.

Little do they know
I thank the Lord
I get to be theirs.


I suppose the rules of motherhood would say I shouldn't have a favorite gift
but this pretty much sealed the deal for Lou.

let me get you closer
Yep, that'll do the trick :)

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