Thursday, January 2, 2014

A styrofoam cup kind of Anniversary

Some years we have an elaborate celebration.
This year it was rather simple.

Some years we plan for weeks to set aside time to celebrate.
This year we had to wait to find an opportunity and then snag it.

Some years we get a babysitter and maybe even splurge
for a hotel room for some extra time alone together.
This year we did splurge on a hotel room, but only because we were traveling. 
The splurge was an upgrade to a two room suite at the LaQuinta. 
Our little darlings were sleeping in the next room.

Some years the meal is elegant, the dishes breakable,
the table setting gorgeous and we dress in our fancy best.
This year we were tired and grungy from traveling and exploring with our little family.
We did have food from a fancy restaurant, but we sate on the floor 
and ate from a hotel end table with plastic dinnerware.

Some years we toast with glasses that make a perfect clink
and sparkle like our eyes did on our wedding night.

This year we toasted with styrofoam McDonald's cups because our 
fancy-restaurant-take-out didn't offer sweet tea- and that seemed like a shame.

I loved our celebration this year because it really was a reflection of our marriage. Both of us just wanted to flop in bed and celebrate later, but instead we waited until the kids were asleep, laughed together about our hotel floor dining, watched some of our wedding video and reflected on the last 12 years. We chose to be together. It wasn't elegant, it wasn't what we would have planned, it was a little messy and took some effort from both of us to make it successful.

 Just like our marriage.

Because in marriage...
The past is how you choose to remember it.
The present is what you choose to make of it.
And the future is how you choose to dream it.

Cheers to 12 years of marriage, RRL. Whether it's a fine china day or a take out and McDonalds tea kind of day- I promise to choose you EVERY day.


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