Friday, January 3, 2014

Family name restored: Christmas program version

Probably one of my most retold stories from parenting was the one where my sweet oldest child was a not-so-gentle shepherd in his preschool Christmas show.  It was simultaneously incredibly embarrassing and absolutely hilarious.  Truth be told, I probably wouldn't trade that memory for a thousand pictures of him being any other way in the nativity scene.  At least now that the embarrassment has worn off a bit.

But this year, on that very same stage, another member of our family stepped up to the plate to restore the family name.  And he rocked it!  Cbug was asked to come back as a graduate of the preschool to read about Christ's birth.  
He read all of Luke 2:1-14 from the NKJ version.  No small task, but he was more than up for the challenge.  The video picture isn't awesome because of the dark auditorium, but turn up the volume and listen to this sweet voice read about our Saviours birth.  And then try not to swoon.

Don't be fooled, though, he's still a Team L boy.  Not minutes later, he was crawling all over the friends gathered around him while we watched his sister. 

 And, also during the performance, he managed to use my camera to take pictures of anyone he could capture...

Including going up on the stage to catch his favorite director on film.  Mid show.  With the flash on.  Awesome.  

Whelp, I guess you gotta love us like we are. 
 But seriously.  Can we just focus on that video?

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