Friday, January 3, 2014

My very favorite 6-year-old

For weeks I've been kissing Cbug goodnight and saying "you are my favorite 5-year-old," only to have him respond "Not for much longer.  Pretty soon I'll have to be your favorite 6-year-old." And today is that day!

Dear Cbug-
Man you make our lives fun! Without even trying, you make me laugh more times a day than I could possibly count.  The pictures in this blog (taken by THE THREE) are some of the very few I have of you not making a silly face.  I do love these pictures, but I'm so glad we have the silly ones, too- never a dull moment. 

 I feel like I probably say the same thing each year in your birthday letter, but only because it is so very true...You live life in big ways, you never do anything half-way and when you are in- YOU ARE ALL IN!  Sometimes this is frustrating because it is so difficult for you to change gears or stop something before you are finished, but most of the time it is a delight to see you face a challenge and barrel forward. I love watching you complete Lego sets at lightening paces, read books, play nerf wars and your most recently discovered talent- making things at the craft table.  You've made Christmas cards for family members, angry bird ornaments for the Christmas tree and today you spent well over an hour making your own Happy Birthday sign.

You've had a big time this year in Kindergarten.  You've blown our minds with how quickly you are learning and how much you love all things academic.  You are suddenly way into reading.  And we were so proud of you when you ROCKED your reading of Christ's birth for the Christmas show.  Seriously, it was a shining star moment, dude.  

You are just slightly (cough cough) obsessed with numbers- always counting things or wanting us to try to stump you with math problems (which is difficult to do), and you love to know/remember dates.  Whenever anyone comments on your missing tooth you respond "yep, I lost it on November 29th."  

My favorite thing about your school year, though, is how much you love your classmates.  You've even proclaimed "mom, I'm pretty great at making friends".  While we may need to work on your humility, I would have to agree with you.  You do seem to have a knack for noticing others who need a friend and for being able to play with just about anyone.  Everywhere we go, you come away with a "new friend" and I couldn't be more proud of that characteristic.  

I also love how comfortable you are with your position in our family.  My heart melts when I watch you as the Big to Lou and Tito.  You are so sweet to play with them, help them and watch out for them.  You play with Lou as easily as you do with KJ and I love that you are so content either way. People often assume that you and KJ are twins, but you are quick to point out that he is your big brother.  I even overheard you at church recently telling someone, "Actually my big brother is even faster than me at races."  You may look him squarely in the eye in stature, but there is no doubt that you look up to him.  I so often hear you asking his input or listening to his "wisdom" with the sweet response of "ok, KJ" that quite literally makes my heart melt.  

I'm so thankful that you love and lean-on your big brother.  I love that the two of you are a team and that you seem to show miraculously little rivalry at this point in your lives.  But this year, my birthday prayer for you is that you'll continue with a confidence that strikes out alone sometimes, too.  I've prayed for years that you wouldn't feel your identity defined by the brother you follow so closely behind.  Ever since you were born, it's been tough for others not to compare you to him in size, especially.  Here's the thing I want you to believe- you are both smart, but in different ways.  You are both talented- at many different things. You both love your family- but show it in different ways.  And you will both leave an impact on the world- but the marks will be totally different shapes. I love the glimpses we've gotten as we watch you make a name for yourself in Big School... With different teachers than KJ had, we've started to see you just become and be recognized as Cbug.  Your daddy and I know that as you use your zeal for life, your endless supply of energy and your amazing ability make new friends, others will see what we've known for 6 years... You are one of a kind.  Created for big things.  By a mighty and powerful God.  And you'll bring Him glory, just by being you.

It's true, buddy. You absolutely are my VERY favorite 6-year-old!
I love you,

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