Friday, October 23, 2009

One by One- Cbug

Last week, I did an update on our oldest son, KJ.
Now, for a bit about Cbug.

Oh boy, oh boy. How do I even put into words how hilarious, busy, snuggley, charming, sneaky, loving and mischievous our middle child is? I guess you just have to know him to know the amazingness that is Cbug. He is a rule tester (unlike his rule-follower big brother) but is also quick to say "sorry" and give hugs. We're realized in the last couple of months that our middle son is more keenly aware that he is being disobedient than we gave him credit for. We're having to really crack down on obeying with him. It is definitelytough not to laugh sometimes, though! Here are some recent pictures and thoughts about our stinker.

I've referred to Cbug as a "bull in a china closet". He is a daredevil, goes fast and furious, is busy constantly, and thinks about the consequences LATER (if ever). On one such occasion this summer (just a week before his sister's arrival), he tried to climb up onto our bed. In the process, the bridge of his nose had an unfortunate meeting with the bed railing resulting in 3 stitches. Does this keep him from climbing now? Oh, no. I've found him on top of my desk, on the dining room table, in the bathtub (not during bathtime), in the window sill, on the bathroom counter,etc...and that is just at our house. He jumped off of diving boards this summer and we have to watch him like a HAWK around water. At the retreat this fall he just took off running toward the lake. I have no doubt that if he had gotten there first he would have been in the water.
Cbug is growing and growing and growing! Really, it is amazing to me to see how different he is just in the last few months.
These pictures were taken on his
LAST -->
days in the nursery at church with one of his favorite people to snuggle!

If you follow us on facebook where we post a lot of pictures, you'll see lots of photos of KJ and baby sister together and lots of Cbug by himself. This is for two reasons.
1) Cbug marches to his own drum. While he loves playing with his big brother, he often prefers to just wander around by himself. For example, to the left, he was at the splash park. There were definitely other kids (and adults) there, but he was just enjoying the water, dancing, splashing and having a big time by himself.
2) Cbug gets cropped out of a lot of sibling pictures. TERRIBLE...I KNOW. But usually he puts a toy on his head, makes a funny face, dives out of the shot, etc. For example...last week I was taking pics of the kiddos on the front porch. KJ was holding Lou so it was a super fast "photo shoot". These are the faces of Cbug in that VERY short period of time. In the end, I got a really cute (cropped) picture of KJ with his sister...and these faces of Cbug.

Just like KJ, Cbug LOVES his siblings! He adores his big brother (especially when they are wrestling) and these days is quite a shadow of him. He also loves being a BIG brother. His carseat is right beside his sister's in the van and because she faces the back they can see each other. I'll often hear him get so excited and yell "SMILE" because he is pleased he made her smile at him. In the picture to the right he was reading to her and telling her the sounds the animals make. This kid has some AMAZING animal sounds. Monkey, sheep, crocodile, cow, horse, pig, rooster and cat are some of my favorites!
Cbug does everything BIG. Best of all he LAUGHS big....about everything. I love to hear his deep hearty laugh. What a JOY our Cbug is! He brings new adventures everyday and lots and lots of FUN!

And finally...a video. This video amazes me for a couple of reasons. First, because this is one of the only things C will sit still to do. There are a couple of others (loves crafts and stories) but they are few and far between. And second because this puzzle is HARD (i mean, for a toddler...i won't talk about whether it is hard for mom). The pieces are only slightly different shapes and there is nothing to designate which order they go in. The first time I saw him do this I was truly amazed. But then again, I'm the mom!! As an added bonus, you get to hear his adorable deep voice and his 3-year-old brothers not-so-adorable tantrum!

Oh how I love this little boy!!



Kendra said...

This is too cute...and I loved the details of your "middle one"! Since I'm never around him, it helps me know him better. What a little visual learner he seems to be with that puzzle, too!! Wow! He's got those piece places memorized GREAT!

Katie and James said...

While J and I love ALL three of your children equally, we have recently felt a particular endearment to little CBug as we get to see his personality take shape. He is a little lover! He loves and accepts all so easily and with such good hugs and smiles. He is SO easy to please. He is definitely a little brute ... we LOVE watching him run up and tackle his brother (or anything else in sight). And J's personal fave ... he is a ONE WORD man. While I'm pretty sure Korben was almost speaking in analytical paragraphs at this point, Cbug just looks at James and says "CATS," (which we all know is his favorite thing about seeing us right now :). We love this little boy!!