Saturday, October 31, 2009

Playing dress-up

Last Sunday the teenagers were dressing up in costumes to go around "trick-or-treating" for canned goods in the area around our church. At the last minute I decided we should join in. I'd really planned to pretty much skip dressing up this year because they just don't really care and it just seemed like too much money/effort (what a spoil-sport, I know). So instead, I just rummaged in their closets and threw together something they could have fun with. And it was a good thing that I went that route, because they LOVED dressing up...for about 15 minutes.

May I present...
A beautiful princess protected by her knight in shining armor
and wooed by a country music artist:

A challenge to a dual or a consipiracy to escape ANOTHER photo shoot?

Either way, this is one HAPPY princess!

We had fun being with the teenagers while they collected can goods. It sure was a work-0ut for me, pushing 3 babies in a double stroller. Wowzers. They all LOVED it, though. Can't you tell?

(please ignore the fact that a certain country music singer forgot to have his momma wipe his face after enjoying his pizza!)

I sure love spontaneous (and free) fun!


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