Sunday, October 25, 2009

A story of a boy and his blanket

Kj really likes his "blankies" but he is not nearly as attached to them as is Cbug to his. Oh my, he loves this blanket and its constant companion, blue bear. He's pretty good about limiting his time with them to sleepy time, but also requests them when he is hurt or upset.
Which is why it was nearly disasterous when we found it like this... unfortunate meeting with a green highlighter. It wasn't so much that we were concerned about the appearance of the blanket. Its already looking pretty worn. The problem was more that he also drools while he sleeps so when we let him keep it during nap time he woke up with a green spot on his cheek. This clearly could not continue.

This was going to require some over-night soaking so we miraculously convinced Cbug to accept one of his sister's silky blankets- same fabric, just pink. Then we soaked it over-night to try to get all of the green dye out. It turned three sink-fulls of water completely green just rinsing it out. When Cbug woke up this morning the blanket was in the dryer. He saw it. For a short time he was fine just telling McQueen about it, but then he'd had enough.
So, even though it was still slightly damp, Daddy reunited the friends, good as new (well, as good as a well worn but clean blanket can be).
The boy and his blanket...
...and Cbugs "Linus-status" was restored.
Shew. That was close.

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Raina said...

A familiar scenario for me! My boys are total blankie addicts! Cade still takes "soft blanket" and his four favorite stuffed animals in the car and to bed. Ryland had a blanket and a backup until he discovered the backup. Now he considers that he has two "poppies" and he always wants them both. I think it's cute! Love the picture of Cbug with RRL; it's so sweet!