Monday, October 19, 2009

One by One- KJ

To get back into the swing of things, I'm going to update on each kiddo, one by one. Then I'll try to get back to just blogging about the day by day. I know that thrills you to no end, especially after the glimpse at our day-to-day you got in that highly entertaining Texas Macaroni post.

So, here we go. Oldest to youngest.

KJ (3 1/2-years-old)
Here are a few of my favorite summer pics and some info on our oldest son.

Potty training, oh potty training. It may kill me.
I really don't have anything encouraging
to say on this topic.
So...moving on...

Just a funny story. One day, at the height of potty training frustration, I lost my cool and said "KJ, only animals squat in the corner to poop instead of using the potty" (I know, I regret it) to which KJ replied "Can I be a monkey?". Nice.

The rock wall.
KJ LOVES rock-climbing and several of the parks in our area have great walls at the playgrounds. Now, KJ has his very own in our backyard. He thinks it is the coolest. He also LOVED helping his Daddy put it together.

One of KJs favorite things to do is read. He has several books completely memorized and loves to read to others. Here he is reading "Go Dog Go" to his Great-Grandmomma when we visited her this summer. Other favorites include "Brown Bear, Brown Bear" and "The Cat in the Hat".

Fun in the sun is right up KJ's ally. From the summer foods like popsicles and watermelon, to summer fun like the splash park and swimming pool, he LIVES for summer.

He's also quite the ham. To the right, he was eating his lunch under his towel because he was FREEZING (it was probably 100 degrees outside).

Another favorite thing about this summer was lots of time with family. Since I was off on maternity leave we got to spend an entire month with my family. A highlight was time we spent with Uncle M, who is currently living in my grandparents old house. I loved getting to watch KJ do some of the things I treasured in childhood, working in the garden and riding the tractor. SO FUN!!

KJ takes his role as Big Brother very seriously. He is a protector and informer (doesn't that sound nicer than tattle-tale). We've been working with the boys on sticking together and watching out for each other when we are in public (I need all the help I can get). I say "We stick together because we are..." and they say "TEAM LEWIS". Its funny, but also effective.

KJ started school in September. Nothing ever suited him better than going to school. He LOVES to learn. I know I am biased, but this is one sharp little cookie so I'm glad he's getting some attention and challenge at school.
Recently, he went with a friend who is in graduate school for speech path to do some mock-testing. No shocker, his verbal skills tested well above his age. When you combine his advanced verbal skills with his small stature people are always amazed at the way he talks (usually thinking he's even younger than he is). It is so funny to see their reactions to things he says.

His "smarts" are also the source for many battles at our house these days. He can rationalize ANYTHING and always has an answer. If he doesn't know the answer, he'll make one up. For example, when I cut my foot open on his matchbox car on the ground and said to him "KJ, we really need to work on putting toys back where they go" and he responded "Or, you could work on stepping over them". Thats pretty standard for how our conversations go. But we are working on being respectful, obeying on the first time, and not arguing. Sometimes its tough not to just laugh, though.

And finally, a real treat if you made it to this point.
Two videos of some of my favorite things about KJ.
The first is him singing to his sister. Love the choice of song
combined with his sweetest lullaby voice!
and the second is him telling Cbug a joke.
I LOVE that KJ loves to tell jokes, but Cbugs reaction is really
what makes this hilarious and they do it OVER AND OVER AND OVER!
Joke translation:
Q: Why does the golfer wear two pairs of pants?
A: In case he gets a hole-in-one.

That's the latest happenings with our big kid. He's a joy!



Kendra said...

I loved this...especially the joke. I'll have to teach Brady that one!! Too cute, those Team Lewis kiddos!!

MMC said...

A I just love your blog, everyday living and memories! You do great! Both of my children loved the videos too!!

Katie and James said...

What a funny boy. We love KJ!