Monday, November 23, 2009

MMM: Library Amateur

Today MMM went on a fieldtrip to one of my favorite places. The library. Seriously, there was a time when I probably could have won an award for frequent visitor. I checked out books and books on tape and I knew how to navigate the online card catalogue like it was my job. I used to love stopping in just to browse.
Then we had children.
I've never taken any of my children before (for obvious reasons)
but today decided that with the help of our dear friend,
Mr. Combi Double stroller (turned triple stroller), we could give it a test whirl.
and the boys L-O-V-E-D it.

Must be in their blood.
We read stories.
(KJ took this picture)

We worked puzzles.
You will notice, if you look closely, that someone left a pile of pieces jumbled together on the floor behind our stroller. KJ was quite concerned that someone did not put things away when they finished. It was my Cbug the puzzle-lover, though, that got them all sorted back to their proper puzzles. Guess what he is getting for Christmas?

and we played with Dominoes.
Who knew there were dominoes at the library?
This actually was one of their favorite parts.

and this was mine...
My least favorite part was when we finally made some selections for taking home and headed to the check-out. I knew we were about 45 seconds away from everyone reaching their limit. I'd already changed two diapers, taken KJ to the potty, tracked down Cbug's missing shoe, fed Libby, etc and was getting pretty close to D-O-N-E. I pushed the double stroller up to the counter only to find out that my card had expired. Great. Back to park the boys in front of puzzles, get in another line, fill out a form, sign the back of the card, collect the children, head back to the front, to check out the books...all while racing the melt-down-clock. Shew. I was sweating. Come to find out, if you are a "library amateur" you can only get 5 items on the first visit. We had 7. The nice man, just doing his job, pointed that out. I smiled sweetly, and we came home with 7. I bet he could smell the sweat...and deep down he had to know the truth.
I'm no library amateur.
I love this place.
I love these kids.
and now these kids love this place.
We'll be back to the library for sure.


Cindi Schrimsher said...

Oh wow - I can't tell you how many happy feelings I have reading this!! And when I saw the picture of you and LibbyLou and Cbug - I had to ask myself.. "Who is TAKING this picture? Certainly Mr. Combi Stroller!! Then I gasped - OH! IT'S KJ!" I'm so proud! I've always loved that child to pieces - now it's evident why - he has the camera bug too - AND quite the eye for it! Yay KJ and Yay Mom for sharing such a wonderful day.

Jim said...

This seems like it turned out to be the BEST MMM yet, in spite of the sweat.
Your Babies got the "Library Gene" from you, and YOU obviously got the "mommy gene" from your Momma.

Kendra said...

Someday you HAVE to make a "blurb" scrapbook of your MMM days...they SO tell the neatest story about this season of life and MUST be documented. In a book that the kids can look at. Not just on the computer. I'm serious - if you don't do it, I'll do it for you! Too cool!

Jamie said...

I love the library. I went all the time as a kid, even when I went on "vacation" to my grandparents' house.

Katie and James said...

You have inspired me ... I think E.S. and I will go this week! But I think she is too young to play with the puzzles, so for now, we get to spend the whole time browsing in the mommy section :)

BTW, I LOVE that Korben is old enough to take pictures! This will add so much to your MMM stories!

Elisa said...

Looks like lots of fun, Allison.