Monday, November 16, 2009

MMM- Thanksgiving Mural

The MMM fun continued today with a Thankgiving mural that we'll be mailing soon to someone that won't be with family for the holidays.

<-- We started with a big piece of butcher paper taped to the dining room floor (away from furniture!)

Then we added some paint, using sponges and different sizes of paint brushes.

And finally...I added the words and
traced the kiddos' hands and feet to cut-out and make turkeys
(might have to look closely, they are a bit camouflaged).

In the interest of transparency, a couple of quick notes about this project-

1) The feet/hands turkey project seemed like a really cute idea, but lets be honest. I did all the work and they hated being still to have their hands and feet traced. I'd rather do projects where they do most of the work. They enjoy it more and actually so do I.

2) The kids loved the painting, but it definitely tested my patience and I'm not sure it was worth it for the length of time it held Cbug's attention. KJ probably could have lasted longer so maybe next time I'll try to find a way to paint with just him. Then again, my shortage of patience might have more to do with the road trip we took yesterday with the three kids (should have taken 4.5 hours and instead took 7). Who knows.

Despite that, the finished product was super cute and I can't wait to mail it! And it was great to have a plan for this morning because it kept me from getting swept up immediately into post-trip laundry and cleaning. I think my kids appreciated that...although, this afternoon (after refusing to take a nap AT ALL) they watched Cars so I could finish said laundry. At least we made a good memory first :)