Monday, November 30, 2009

MMM: The mess says it all

If the mess
on the table and floor
and highchairs
and all over US
is any indication, I'd say today was a success. In today's MMM the boys learned how to make salt dough ornaments and I learned to let them make salt dough ornaments (and worry about the mess later).

Add the ingredients

Then stir

Cover some wax paper in flour

Then roll out the dough
(see the flour spots on
the camera?!?!)

Cut into your favorite
Christmas Shapes
Then add to the pan, poke a hole
for the ornament hanger
and bake

After the ornaments cool
you are ready to paint
(a brush in each hand helps
the creative juices flow)

And there you have it. Salt dough ornaments extraordinaire
(plus one purple polk-a-dotted snake)!

and just in case you wondered what baby sister thought about all of the mess...

Another crazy fun Monday!


ps- This was probably not the best idea for a craft on a day when there is company coming for dinner!

1 comment:

Chad, Jennifer, and Hudson said...

Not only do you do MMMs, but you have time to blog about it on the SAME DAY? Talk about super mom! And I love little Missy...I forgot what her blog name is... She is so photogenic already!