Monday, November 2, 2009

MMM- 5 Senses Nature Walk

Last week I explained a bit about my plan to "Makeover My Monday"

Today, we went on a nature walk.

I already had the idea to do a walk around our neighborhood but then I found a fun website with the idea to make it more purposeful, talking about your 5 senses. This was by FAR the best Monday project yet. My kids LOVED it, no set up or clean up, completely free, provides some exercise (especially for the nature guide) and it was even educational :). Even Lou loved being in the stroller outside. We couldn't have better custom ordered the weather and it was so pretty we stayed out and about for nearly 2 hours. So fun!

God gave us
We saw fall colors (at least various shades of green and yellow) and looked for "wild animals" in the "forest". We watched the splash that rocks make and the saw the bright light that comes from the sun.

God gave EARS to HEAR.
We listened to the sound of the moving water,
the songs of the birds, the chirping of the crickets,
the sounds of an airplane and a train and our favorite...
the sound of an echoing hammer
(bonus that someone was working on their fence).

God gave us NOSES to SMELL.
We got to smell the flowers (mostly dandelions).

God gave us FINGERS to TOUCH.
We felt the tops of wild rye, the smooth rocks from the creek,
the coolness of the mud (not Mommy's idea)
and the different textures of the leaves on the ground.
We also did some "feeling" before we left.
We felt cotton balls, sandpaper and pennies and
tried to guess what we were feeling without peeking.
Lou did lots of "feeling" the wind on her face and the sun on her toes!

And God gave us MOUTHS to TASTE. We made our snacks at home before we left as the nature guide for this activity was VERY certain that we would not find anything on this walk that we should taste!! While I was making the bag of snacks, I would put one item in their mouths and let them guess what it was (goldfish, marshmallows and M&Ms). I think this was their favorite part (thank you, leftover Halloween treats).
Some bonus activities that this nature guide might try to avoid next time:
-The smell of a nice large pile of doggy poo on our path
- Feeling how wet pants can get running through tall wet grass to catch a nature-exploring-escapee.
-KJ feeling the joy of a soaking wet slide (check out his pants <--)
- Realizing that the leaf you think your two-year-old is looking at(with his hands) is really a decaying banana peel.
-Hearing your 3-year-old announce to the playground that he poo-poos in the potty.
-Knowing that there is no way that your boys didn't taste some of what they touched!
But even with all of that...I wouldn't trade these moments for the world.

Thanks, Monday.


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