Friday, April 23, 2010

Blessed {again}

We are so blessed to have spent nearly 9 years at a Church where we are loved and encouraged in so many ways.  I could write a whole series of blogposts on the people that minister to us there, the ways we are challenged to grow, the opportunities we have to minister to others.   But I'll save that.  Or, better yet, just come see for yourself sometime :)

On Wednesday we were once again blessed by our Church family as we participated for a third time in the annual baby blessing.  I love that even though our Church has so many members, this night always feels so personal. From the moments of prayer for our family by an elder while laying hands on each of us, to the mixing and mingling with other families of babies born in the same year, to smiles hugs and squeezes from the amazing Children's Ministry staff.  I won't say I wasn't a little sweaty trying to keep up with my 3 munchkins, take pictures, and be sure they got their promised snacks at the "party".  But so worth it.  We are so blessed by this time of blessing.  BLESSED indeed.

It was amazing with KJ in 2007 and with Cbug in 2009.

and in 2010, it was Lou's turn.

Prayer time by our of our sweet Shepherds and his amazing wife!  Love them
(and Lou loved trying to get her shoe off then put her shoe in his pocket...during the prayer.  awesome)

And on stage with all of the other 2009 babies' families
(You can't really see us in the first one and in the second one, you can only see RRL...laughing...because Lou and I had to move to the back row to keep her from climbing over me and anyone else in her way.  She was OUT. OF. CONTROL)

Enjoying time with family
(you can tell how much she LOVES her aunt and uncle)

And with some of her favorite people
(and here you can tell how much she did NOT want to be held.  or have her picture taken.)

My sweet blessing.

We are so blessed to have her in our family!  And she is so blessed to be part of this extended family.

PS- Did I mention there were snacks?


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