Monday, April 19, 2010

MMM: a send off celebration

There are people that make an impact on you because of the way they love you, and then there are people that make an impact because of the way they love you AND your family.  LC has been one of those people for us from the time she was in high school.  She has loved our children and hung out with me when RRL is out-of-town.  We have laughed together...a LOT.  So, when she finished grad school and got a job far away, we HAD to have at least one more fun night celebrating our sweet friend.

You can see how much she loves these boys...just by the fact that she was even willing to try to take a picture with them and all of their rowdiness.  These three boys love to be together, and they LOVE LC, but this was pushing bed time.

LC and some of her friends with my kiddos. 
Poor kids can't find anyone to take them home and put them to bed.  Look at Lou's sleepy eyes! 
At least the girls are gorgeous and so sweet to my three.  Sure love these girls!!

The real MMM project part of this celebration was the little book we made for LC to take with her.  The boys each made one page, I wrote a letter, and then we made a page of crazy pictures of the kids (see below).

Because LC was moving to a town packed with USA history, I decided to dress the kids in red, white, and blue; KJ took the patriotism one step farther.  The photo shoot was a failure at getting a great shot of all three kids (like 9 out of 10 photo shoots are with 3 kids under 4).  But it was a success at capturing thier personalities...which LC can surely appreciate after spending so much time with them.
Clockwise: 1) My favorite picture; 2) Lou clapping and Cbug doing his favorite thing- identifying a "dub-you"; 3) KJ finding other uses for the flag; and 4) C's famous crazy face.

This was a fun Monday, but a bitter-sweet send off.  We love you, LC!

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Chad, Jennifer, and Hudson said...

You should get some more pictures of the kiddos in those r,w,&b clothes. They are super cute! I know you kind of did...but without the signs. :)