Sunday, April 25, 2010

Blessing Bookends

It seems quite fitting that just a few days after Lou's blessing, we had the Senior Tea for some of my favorite soon-to-be high school graduates.  I got all nastalgic (shockingly) thinking about how the moms of these beautiful senior girls must feel like they should still be picking their "babies" up from the nursery instead of sending them off to college.  I loved having that these two events, that both represent so much change and growth, so close together.  Both are the beginning of something new.  A new group of babies joining our congregation with great blessing and joy.  And a group of students sent out from our congregation with equal amount of blessing and joy. 

Look at these beautiful senior girls, their sweet mommas and amazing junior class hostesses.
It was such a privaledge to be part of this afternoon celebration.

I love that our church is so committed to praying for these times of transition.  For the babies and the women they become.
The prayers for each group are different in some ways but in some ways so much the same. 
The prayers for those you love never really do change.
Oh, Lord, may they find
Strength.  Faithfulness.  Courage.  Love. 
in your Holy Name.


Ok, so, just had to share...I was up late tonight, after writing this and looking through other pictures and my little blessing woke up crying.  She never wakes up anymore at night.  I treasured the time I got to just hold her, rock her and pray over her all the more because of this day.  I was reminded how few moments I will get like that before it will be her turn at senior tea.  The timing of it just gave me chills.  Isn't it sweet how the Lord uses so many things to remind us of Him?

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Cindi Schrimsher said...

Oh Allison.. what power are in these words. I still remember those days of holding my precious baby girl, who now has had her opportunity to hold me in days of my distress. You ARE blessed - threefold with wonderful children.