Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010: 4 Weddings and a Funeral

Of course there were lots of memories from 2010.  I'll post some of the year's best pictures soon- pictures of roadtrips, of family fun, of crazy kids, of birthday parties, and of adventures.  But if I was going to say how I will mostly remember 2010:  This was the year we lost my last remaining Grandparent and this was the year of weddings. 

We started the year with Grandmomma's death, she passed away in January.  She had a severe stroke 3-years earlier so while we mourned the fact that she would no longer be here with us, we all felt like we lost her, the real her, long ago.  In January, we reallly celebrated that she was finally healed, that she was finally where she wanted  most to be- HOME.  We enjoyed our time with family, pouring over pictures and recalling memories.  It was bittersweet, of course, but I'll mostly remember the sweet.

The first two weddings that we participated in this year happened to fall on the same weekend.  One in our hometown- one in SLC, Utah.  Some might call it crazy, but when your children are asked to participate in the weddings of a sweet cousin and a dear friend- well, you make it work.  So KJ and I flew out for wedding #1.  The beautiful SLC wedding of my oldest cousin on mom's side.  Britt was a gorgeous bride, an amazing party planner and was a gracious hostess even amidst the craziness of her own wedding weekend.  She had asked KJ to be in the wedding and it was his debut as a ring-bearer.  He was PUMPED about wearing a tux, being with Dave and Britt and walking down the aisle... pumped at least until it was actually time.  He stood at the end of the aisle then was having NONE OF IT.  So, I ended up walking down the aisle with him.  AWESOME.  Still, though, he was quite the handsome ringbearer!  Sadly, I broke my camera on this trip, so I only have a couple of pictures.  You'll have to take my word for it- gorgeous wedding and bride!

Then we zoomed back in the knick-of-time (literally straight from airport to church, small tuxedo having been "spot-cleaned" in the hotel sink) for wedding #2.  This was an especially cool wedding for us because the bride graduated from our youth group and is so dear to our family as babysitter and friend.  The groom is from a family that we have loved for years, his aunt and uncle are some of our very best friends from growing-up.  So it was so cool to see the two come together.  They were so sweet to also include KJ as ringbearer.  After a little bribing to get down the aisle, he apparently lost all stage fright and quite entertained us all.  I was actually quite horrified at some of his antics, but this wedding was HUGE and I was at the very back, so there was nothing that could be done but watch.   The video below is a small glimpse of his "fun" game of throwing the pillow with the groom's parents and then completely laying on it on the floor.  AWESOME. 

Another favorite memory from this wedding was that KJ had the actual ring in his pocket.  He took this responsibility very seriously.  The plan was for him to wait until the minister asked for the rings and then hand them to the groom.  Instead, he went down the aisle, walked straight up to the groom and said Here Ya Go.  I must say, I was a little relieved that the rings were in "safe hands" so quickly.

Cbug was also in the wedding as a bellringer- announcing the debut of Mr and Mrs P for the first time.  He was supposed to walk with a group of children down the aisle past the bride and groom and then back up the center aisle, leading the way.  But when he got the bride and groom, both of whom he adores, he paused to wait for them.  So I love that he is in many of their "leaving the church" pictures, leading them out.  Precious boy.

All of the 2010 weddings were so special to us.  But I'm sure no one would fault me for saying that the day my brother was married to a woman I am so thankful to now call sister, was my very favorite.  My favorite day of the whole year, probably.  The wedding was wonderful, it was such a privaledge to stand beside them as they were united, and I am so excited to see what the Lord does in their lives as they begin this journey together. 

RRL and I were in the wedding party.  And KJ and Cbug were both ringbearers this time.  They  felt so big walking down the aisle in their shirts that matched the groomsmen.  M & S were so thoughtful about how they included the boys.  KJ marched down the aisle like a pro (this was his third ring-bearer-appearance afterall), but Cbug was a big more cautious.  He walked VERY SLOWLY, zig-zagging down the aisle to be sure he didn't step on any of the flowers that the flower-girl had already deposited.  They were both super handsome, and were fast asleep with Nonna and Papa Jim, long before the ceremony was over.  The picture of KJ below with M & S is just a small glimpse into why we are so thankful to call my brother's new bride "Aunt S".  She is so tender and attentive to our kids, even on her own wedding day.

KJ figured out that when people chimed their glasses, Uncle M and Aunt S would kiss.  He was all-over-this.  In the picture below, he climbed up into M's lap to kick-off the kissin' one more time!

The weekend was made all the much sweeter because my youngest brother left just hours after the festivities for his pre-deployment training. It would be the last time we would see him for about 9 months. It was great to be together as a family. The Lord's timing on Lt D's deployment could not have been sweeter.


A perfect way to end our year of weddings- a beautiful Virgina wedding at the beginning of the Christmas season.  My cousin Katie was also a gorgeous bride and her fun-loving personality made it a joy to spend the weekend celebrating with her.  She was EXTRA brave and asked all three of our crazies to be in her wedding party.  The boys were seasoned pros by now and walked down the aisle without a problem.  There was only one pillow for them to carry, a problem they solved by both walking side-ways down the aisle so all four of their little hands could work together to carry it.  They were too cute, marched up the stairs and handed the whole pillow (complete with fake rings) to the groom.  No one dared tell them that the groom didn't actually need the fake rings to give to his bride! 

Little Lou on the other hand wasn't too sure.  She insisted on carrying her large fisher-price purple purse with her down the aisle and stopped at each individual pew to glare at those sitting upon it, as if to say "Don't know you, don't know you, where is someone I know...." until she finally found her Nonna.

The kids had a blast at the reception after this wedding, and Cbug especially tore it up on the dancefloor.  If you didn't see the video in my earlier post, you should check it out.

What  fun year- thanks to all four brides (and grooms) for including us in your special days.  We are so happy for each of you and pray blessings on many years to come of marriages built on a firm foundation in Christ.  Love you all!!


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