Monday, December 13, 2010

Sap for Christmas Tunes

There is something about Christmas songs that just brings all kinds of emotions for me.  Combine that with KLTY's Christmas Wish and the radio is pretty much off limits for me these days.  Every Christmas has to include some "Tender Tennessee Christmas" and caroling along with the Muppets, you gotta love some Point of Grace "Oh Holy Night" and I must confess that I've taught my 4-year-old to love "Baby, its Cold Outside". 
This year, I have two new (to me) songs that I L-O-V-E.  And listening to me ramble about one of them could (indirectly) help you WIN AN IPAD

First- Have you heard Travis Cottrell and Natalie Grant's song "Ring the Bells".  OH. MY. WORD.  Just try to listen to that one without throwing your hands high in the air and proclaiming EMMANUEL, EMMANUEL HAS COME!  I happen to know that it is simply impossible and quite embarrass myself everytime it comes on while I am running and I find myself with my hands high above my head shouting "RING THE BELLS".  It's just that good.

Have you heard Toby Mac's "This Christmas (Joy to the World)".  Somehow it landed in my Christmas playlist for running, although I don't remember hearing it before then.  I'll tell you what.  The first time it came on while I was jogging along, I found myself sobbing.  There are several families we know right now that have either already brought their adopted blessings home or are praying and planning for that amazing day.  I couldn't help but be overwhelmed at the thought that this may be the last Christmas that a sweet baby boy or girl somewhere has to spend without knowing their forever family thanks to the faithfulness of these families and those that are helping them bring their children home.  THIS IS TRUE RELIGION (james 1:27)...JOY TO THE WORLD!

You can be part of an amazing opportunity this Christmas to help bring one baby boy home to his family. AND have an opportunity to win an IPAD.  Visit Cheatham Chat before December 19th, and for every $10 you contribute toward bringing their baby boy home from Ethiopia, you can also win an entry into their IPAD RAFFLE!  But, I'm 100% sure that even if you don't win the IPad, you'll be blessed just by visiting their blog, reading their testimony, and following along on their adventure toward adoption.  Go. There. Now.

What are some of your favorite Christmas Tunes?


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