Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Dance until you drop

So, sometime soon I really need to write a post (with lots of pictures) about all of our 2010 weddings.  KJ has been a ringbearer four times, Cbug twice plus once a "bell ringer" and this weekend Lou made her big wedding debut as a flower girl.  That post is coming.  To hold you over there are lots of pictures on facebook...and....

The kids had so much fun on the dance floor at my cousins wedding this last weekend.  Cbug especially just danced his little heart out.

Some of my favorite parts (because who doesn't love a good spoiler)...
1) KJ's rag doll and spin moves
2) The "princess" in her gorgeous white dress...picking her nose in the middle of the dance floor.
3) Lou getting quite disgruntled that another little girl would dare step on HER dance floor...and Cbug breaking up the potential cat fight
4) Cbug having a blast on the dance floor until his big brother walks through...then he has to stop and follow him (I see this being a dangerous trend in their relationship for years to come) 
5) Cbug "getting down"

Get ready, all of that and more will be packed into the next two minutes of your life.  You. Are. Welcome.

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Sarah Lou said...

I am really laughing out loud. Cbug definately has some James Brown moves to show off!! And it looked like the little girl that Lou was confronting was ready for a dance off to see who got to stay on the dance floor :) Thanks for sharing.